Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

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Dear Author,

We believe that the submission process is fairly straightforward, but there is always some room for misunderstandings, and thus below you find additional instructions for submitting a paper. We only cover the submission process for a new user; you may just skip these explanations and immediately go to the submission page, only returning to this page in case you should have some problems.

Submitting a paper for the first time

I Registration

Go to our submission page.

Go there to the section "New User". You must fill in the required information:

  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail
  • country
  • affiliation
  • user name.

The "user name" is your choice. Then press on "Register". Wait for the e-mail with the registration and the password to arrive (it shouldn't take long, except of cases of network problems).

The "user name" is to be used to login into the system (for the purpose of submitting a paper, etc.)

II Submission

Once you have received the confirmation with the password, go to our submission page again, and this time enter user name and password under "Registered User".

Once you are logged in, click on "New Submission" (on top of the page).

Let k be the number of authors of the paper. If k≤3, then skip the first paragraph, and go to "Address for Correspondence", while if k>3 then go to the field "Type the number of authors:" near the top of the page, enter k into this field, press "Change the Number of Authors", and continue as for the k≤3 case.

Under "Address for Correspondence" you must enter your postal address, and a fax number (if you do not have one, then please enter "000").

Then under "Authors" you should find now enough slots to fill in the authors of your paper. At least one of them must be marked as "Corresponding author" (he or she will obtain e-mail notifications by the system). The information to be filled in for each author is the same as for the registration (except that now no "user name" is asked for). Normally you will be one of the authors, but for the system this is not necessary, and thus you must also enter your own address. (Your web browser might remember the information entered before and help you with entering it again.)

Then come title and abstract.

You must choose whether your paper is "invited" or "regular" (if you don't know, then (likely(!)) it should be "regular").

Next comes entering 2-5 keywords (or key phrases). Finally upload the paper. (Within the deadline you can resubmit as many new versions of your paper as you wish.)

Finally press "Submit Paper" (once); your browser should show you an immediate acknowledgement (as usual, that may take a bit, depending on the network), and also in due course you should receive an automatic e-mail acknowledgement by the system (if you belong to the group of corresponding authors).

Some final comments:

  • Internally every person with an account for this conference is identified by its e-mail address --- there cannot be two accounts with the same e-mail address.
  • After a period of 120 minutes without actions the system will log you out automatically.

Thanks for submitting a paper (or intending to do so).

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