Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

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Instructions for Authors of the Local Proceedings

If your submission will be published in our Local Proceedings, follow the instruction given here.

  1. We will need all the source files of your submission and a pdf file for checking. Also our Local Proceedings will be produced using the Springer LNCS style which can be downloaded from the author instruction page of Springer-Verlag. Please prepare your final version as a latex file using them. Please make also sure that your files compile, e.g. that all macro-files and bib-files are included. We recommend you copy all files in a separate folder and try it out.

    Please note that no modifications of your final version will be possible after the deadline (see 3).
  2. Please do not change the format or fonts of the LNCS style file - we would have to change it back to the original LNCS ones. Your final submission in the ORIGINAL LNCS format must not exceed 10 pages.

  3. Please upload all your files using your account at the CiE submission system (you don't need to send them by email anymore). The deadline for receiving your final version is

    30 April 2006.

    It is important that you meet the deadline so that the Proceedings volume will be ready for the conference.

  4. We ask you to check the author details which you have provided in the CiE submission system - they will be used to produce the author index for the volume.

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