Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

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Contributed Talks

Contributed Talks

Every speaker in the contributed session will have 15 min for their talk, plus some minutes for dicussions.

Below you can find a schedule of the talks.

Contributed talks

Speaker Title
Bahareh Afshari Information Content and Computability in the n-C.E. Hierarchy
Hajnal Andréka Relativity theory for logicians and new computing paradigms (talk cancelled)
Marat Arslanov Generalized tabular reducibilities in infinite levels of Ershov hierarchy (talk cancelled)
Edwin Beggs Computing with Newtonian machines
Josef Berger The logical strength of the uniform continuity theorem
Jens Blanck Note on Reducibility Between Domain Representations
Riccardo Bruni Gödel, Turing, the Undecidability Results and the Nature of Human Mind
Douglas Cenzer Random Closed Sets
Douglas Cenzer Logspace Complexity of Functions and Structures
Alexey Chernov Prefix-like Complexities and Computability in the Limit
Jose Felix Costa and Jerzy Mycka The conjecture P ≠ NP given by some analytic condition
Paolo Cotogno Decidability of arithmetic through hypercomputation: logical objections (talk cancelled)
Fredrik Dahlgren Partial Continuous Functions and Admissible Domain Representations
Ugo Dal Lago An Invariant Cost Model for the Lambda Calculus
Stefan Dantchev On the complexity of the Sperner Lemma
Barnaby Dawson Infinite Time Turing Computation
Gregorio de Miguel Casado The Role of Algebraic Models and Type-2 Theory of Effectivity in Special Purpose Processor Design
Pavel Demenkov Computer simulation replacements aminoacids in proteins (talk cancelled)
Costas Dimitracopoulos On a problem of J. Paris
Karim Djemame Risk Management in Grid Computing
David Doty Every sequence is decompressible from a random one
Jérôme Durand-Lose Reversible conservative rational abstract geometrical computation is Turing-universal
Birgit Elbl On generalising predicate abstraction
Willem Fouche Brownian motion and Kolmogorov complexity
Christine Gaßner A Structure with P = NP
Christine Gaßner Expansions of Structures with P = NP
Alexander Gavryushkin On Complexity of Ehrenfeucht Theories with Computable Model
Annelies Gerber Some Mathematical Properties of Input Resolution Refutations with Non-Tautological Resolvents
Philipp Gerhardy Functional interpretation and modified realizability interpretation of the double-negation shift
Guido Gherardi An Analysis of Urysohn and Tietze-Urysohn Lemmas according to Borel Computability
Lev Gordeev Toward combinatorial proof of P < NP. Basic approach
Neal Harman Models of Timing Abstraction in Simultaneous Multithreaded and Multi-Core Processors
Charles Milton Harris Enumeration reducibility with polynomial time bounds
Mircea-Dan Hernest NdE - Normalization during Extraction
Stefan Hetzl A Similarity Criterion for Proofs
Eiju Hirowatari Finite Prediction of Recursive Real-Valued Functions
Tie Hou Coinductive Proofs for Basic Real Computation
Paulin Jacobe de Naurois A Measure of Space for Computing over the Reals
Iskander Kalimullin The Dyment reducibility on the algebraic structures and on the families of subsets of $omega$
Akitoshi Kawamura On real primitive recursive functions and differential algebraicity
Viv Kendon Non-unitary quantum walks: exploring the space between classical and quantum computing
Peter Koepke Infinite time register machines
Peter Koepke and Ryan Siders Computing the Recursive Truth Predicate on Ordinal Register Machines
Ekaterina Komendantskaya Bilattice-based Logic Programs: Automated Reasoning and Neural Computation
Juha Kontinen Logical characterization of the counting hierarchy
Lars Kristiansen Complexity-Theoretic Hierarchies
Victor Selivanov Undecidability in the Homomorphic Quasiorder  of Finite Labeled Forests
Andrew Edwin Marcus Lewis The jump classes of minimal covers
Chung-Chih Li Clocking Type-2 Computation in The Unit Cost Model
John Longley On the calculating power of Laplace's demon
Maria Lopez-Valdes Scaled Dimension of Individual Strings
Sheri Markose Gödelian Foundations of Non-Computability and Heterogeneity In Economic Forecasting and Strategic Innovation
Barnaby Martin Towards a trichotomy for quantified H-coloring.
Richard McKinley Sequent calculi and the identity of proofs
Robert K Meyer The Key to the Universe, Part 2
Greg Michaelson and Paul Cockshott Constraints on hypercomputation
Liesbeth De Mol Questions Concerning the Usefulness of Small Universal Systems
Morteza Moniri Basic Model Theory for Bounded Theories (talk cancelled)
Philippe Moser Martingale Families and Dimension in P
Keng Meng Ng et. al. Degrees of weakly computable reals
Kerry Ojakian The Method of Approximation in Real Computation
Peter Peshev A subrecursive refinement of the fundamental theorem of algebra
Petrus Hendrik Potgieter Hypercomputing the Mandelbrot Set?
Vadim Puzarenko Definability of the Field of Reals in Admissible Sets
Ulrich Berger Integrating Functional Programming Into C++: Implementation and Verification
Victor Selivanov The Algebra of Labeled Forests  Modulo Homomorphic Equivalence
Anton Setzer Partial Recursive Functions in Martin-Löf Type Theory
Merlijn Sevenster and Tero Tulenheimo Partially ordered connectives and ∑11 on finite models
Krishna. S Upper and Lower Bounds for the Computational Power of P Systems with Mobile Membranes (talk cancelled)
Amit Shomrat Long games with a short memory
Alan Skelley Third-Order Computation and Bounded Arithmetic
Boris Solon Co-total enumeration degrees
Ivan N. Soskov Extensions of the semi-lattice of the enumeration degrees
Alexandra Soskova Relativized Degree Spectra
Mariya Ivanova Soskova Genericity and Nonbounding
Alexey Stukachev On inner constructivizability of admissible sets
Sándor Vályi Solving a PSPACE-complete problem by a linear interval-valued computation
Andreas Weiermann A sharp phase transition threshold for elementary descent recursive functions
Marek Zaionc Asymptotic Densities in Logic
Júlia Zappe Do Noetherian modules have Noetherian basis functions? (talk cancelled)
Albert Ziegler Some Reflections on the Principle of Image Collection
Martin Ziegler Uncomputability below and up to the Real Halting Problem
Jeffery Zucker Primitive Recursive Selection Functions over Abstract Algebras

Schedule of Contributed Talks

Faraday B Faraday C Faraday D Faraday E Faraday J
July 1st
14:30-14:50 Ivan N. Soskov
Josef Berger Barnaby Dawson Lev Gordeev
Jose Felix Costa and Jerzy Mycka
14:50-15:10 Boris Solon Peter Koepke and Ryan Siders
Merlijn Sevenster and Tero Tulenheimo Christine Gaßner
15:10-15:30 Keng Meng Ng et. al.
Anton Setzer
Peter Koepke Amit Shomrat
Christine Gaßner
July 1st
17:00-17:20 Alexandra Soskova
Birgit Elbl
Andreas Weiermann Riccardo Bruni
Jérôme Durand-Lose
17:20-17:40 Alexey Stukachev
Ekaterina Komendantskaya
Stefan Hetzl
John Longley Karim Djemame
17:40-18:00 Vadim Puzarenko Annelies Gerber
Robert K Meyer Marek Zaionc
Faraday A Faraday B Faraday C Faraday D Faraday J
July 3rd
10:30-10:50 Mariya Ivanova Soskova
Albert Ziegler
Fredrik Dahlgren
Douglas Cenzer
10:50-11:10 Jeffery Zucker Viv Kendon
Jens Blanck
Alexey Chernov
11:10-11:30 Charles Milton Harris
Lars Kristiansen Greg Michaelson and Paul Cockshott
Martin Ziegler
Liesbeth De Mol
11:30-11:50 Iskander Kalimullin Ugo Dal Lago
Paulin Jacobe de Naurois
July 4th
10:30-10:50 Willem Fouche
Stefan Dantchev
Edwin Beggs
Gregorio de Miguel Casado
Juha Kontinen
10:50-11:10 Philippe Moser
Alan Skelley
István Németi
Chung-Chih Li
Maria Lopez-Valdes
11:10-11:30 Bahareh Afshari Costas Dimitracopoulos Petrus Hendrik Potgieter
Tie Hou
Barnaby Martin
11:30-11:50 David Doty
Sándor Vályi
Eiju Hirowatari
July 4th
14:30-14:50 Douglas Cenzer
Victor Selivanov Philipp Gerhardy
Akitoshi Kawamura
Neal Harman
14:50-15:10 Alexander Gavryushkin Victor Selivanov Mircea-Dan Hernest Kerry Ojakian Sheri Markose
15:10-15:30 Guido Gherardi
Andrew Edwin Marcus Lewis Richard McKinley Peter Peshev
Ulrich Berger

Room Caption

The lecture rooms Faraday A-E, J can be found on the 1st floor of the Faraday tower, building 8.2 on campus map.
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