Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

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Last Minute News

Last Minute News

Welcome reception |  On campus accommodation and late check-in |  Parking on campus  
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Emergency number

(number deleted)

Welcome reception

The welcome reception will start at 18:00 with some music performed by the City of Swansea Concert Band. At 18:30 the Vice-Chancellor of our University, Professor Richard B. Davies, will greet our participants, which will be followed by a welcome of the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Professor John V. Tucker. Afterwards, we will enjoy some more music and some food from the buffet.

On campus accommodation and late check-in

The porter for all on campus accommodation are located in the Rhossili Residence (building 21.2 on the campus map). You can go directly there to get your room, you do not need to go to conference registration first.

The porter at Rhossili Residence is available 24hrs a day. Late check-in for on-campus accommodation is no problem. Several ways how to reach the campus are explained on our Travel Information page.

Parking on campus

On-campus parking is possible on a first-come first-serve basis (though there is unlikely to be a problem outside of term time). You can briefly park your car in front of the Rhossili Residence (building 21.2 on the campus map) to unload your luggage. Then you are free to use the university car parks, provided you display a slip proving that you are a conference delegate. These slips will be available from the porter at the Rhossili Residence.

WiFi on campus

At the registration desk at our conference, each participant will obtain a temporarily computer account which gives access to some computers on campus. The same account information can also be used to access the on-campus wireless network. Unfortunately, our University is only supporting Microsoft Windows XP laptops, over versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Macs and all forms of Linux are not supported - we were even told that they will definitely not work. In addition, our experiences with the conference CALCO'05 which our department hosted last summer showed that even XP machines have problems to get WiFi access. So, please, expect nothing and take it as a pleasant surprise if it works. We are of course complaining about this fact, but unsuccessfully so far.

And here is the first such: I have heard rumours that with a Mac OSX 10.4 it may work.

Facilities for presentations

Each lecture room will be equipped with both slide and data projectors, and white or black boards.

For presentations using the data projector we will provide laptops for all sessions. These will have Microsoft Windows XP installed and can display pdf, ps and Microsoft Powerpoint files. We have set up an upload system where each speaker can upload their presentation to our server which will then be immediately available on the presentation laptops. We hope that this will save time during our tight programme and avoids technical problems when switching laptops. The upload system can be found following the "Upload talk" button on the abstract page for each talk.


30 June
Registration on Friday is in Fulton House (building 17 on campus map).
The Welcome Reception is also in Fulton House, first floor.
Saturday and Sunday
01 - 02 July
The main meeting point for these days (i.e. registration and plenary talks) is the Taliesin Arts Center (building 32 on campus map).
Monday to Wednesday
03 - 05 July
The main meeting point for the last 3 days of the conference is the entrance foyer of the Faraday Tower (building 8.2 on campus map).

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