Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

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Special Session Talk:
An Introduction to Program and Thread Algebra

Speaker: Alban Ponse
Author(s): Alban Ponse and Mark van der Zwaag
Presentation: c06.pdf


We provide an introduction to Program Algebra (PGA,
an algebraic approach to the modelling
of sequential programming) and to Thread Algebra (TA).
PGA is used as a basis for several low- and higher-level
programming languages.
As an example we consider a simple language with \emph{goto's}.
Threads as contained in TA model the execution of programs.
Threads may be composed with services which model (part of) the 
execution environment, such as a stack.
Finally, we discuss briefly the expressiveness of PGA and
allude to current work on
multithreading and security hazard risk assessment. 

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