Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

Special Session Talk:
An Introduction to Program and Thread Algebra

Speaker: Alban Ponse
Author(s): Alban Ponse and Mark van der Zwaag


We provide an introduction to Program Algebra (PGA,
an algebraic approach to the modelling
of sequential programming) and to Thread Algebra (TA).
PGA is used as a basis for several low- and higher-level
programming languages.
As an example we consider a simple language with \emph{goto's}.
Threads as contained in TA model the execution of programs.
Threads may be composed with services which model (part of) the 
execution environment, such as a stack.
Finally, we discuss briefly the expressiveness of PGA and
allude to current work on
multithreading and security hazard risk assessment. 

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