Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

Session Chairs

On this page we are trying to coordinate the chairing of the different sessions. Some general informations:

Plenary Sessions

Time guidelines for Plenary Talks: 50 min talk, 9 min discussion, 1 min change.

Chair Speakers Location
Saturday Morning Dag Normann (Davis, Kempe (1a), Németi) Taliesin
Sunday Morning Constantinus Dimitracopolus (Kempe (1b), Krajíček) Taliesin
Sunday Afternoon Martin Davis (Kempe (1c), Mayordomo) Taliesin
Sunday Afternoon Richard Zach (Dawson - KGS special address) Taliesin
Monday Morning Elvira Mayordomo (Buss (2a), Schwichtenberg) Faraday A
Tuesday Morning Helmut Schwichtenberg (Buss (2b), Weiermann) Faraday A
Tuesday Afternoon John V. Tucker (Bergstra) Faraday A
Wednesday Morning Roy Dyckhoff (Buss (2c), Cardelli) Faraday A

Special Session Talks

Time guidelines for Special Session Talks: 25 min talk, 4 min discussion, 1 min change.

Faraday D Faraday B Faraday C
Special Session 1
Saturday Afternoon
Sunday Morning
Alessandra Carbone
and Thomas Strahm
Inge Bethke
Martin Ziegler
Faraday A Faraday B Faraday C
Special Session 2
Tuesday Afternoon
Wednesday Morning
Jens Blanck Klaus Meer
and Jacobo Torán
John W Dawson

Contributed Talks

Time guidelines for Contributed Talks: 15 min talk, 4 min discussion, 1 min change.

Faraday B Faraday C Faraday D Faraday E Faraday J
Contributed 1
Saturday Afternoon
14:30 - 15:30
S Barry Cooper Philipp Gerhardy Benedikt Löwe Peter van Emde Boas Johann A. Makowsky
Contributed 2
Tuesday Afternoon
17:00 - 18:00
Russell Miller Douglas Cenzer Paulo Oliva Roger Hindley David Chisnall
Faraday A Faraday B Faraday C Faraday D Faraday J
Contributed 3
Monday Morning
Lev Gordeev Andreas Weiermann Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen John V Tucker Wilfried Sieg
Contributed 4
Tuesday Morning
S Barry Cooper Birgit Elbl John Longley Lars Kristiansen Erika Ábrahám
Contributed 5
Tuesday Afternoon
14:30 - 15:30
Klaus Meer
Dieter Spreen Jeffery Zucker Marek Zaionc Alban Ponse

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