Computability in Europe 2006
Logical Approaches to Computational Barriers

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Pre- and Post-conference Publications

Pre-conference publications.

Accepted papers and extended abstracts of invited talks at CiE 2006 will appear in two volumes distributed at the conference:

The extended abstracts of invited talks and the papers of selected contributed talks will appear in the LNCS volume, the others will appear in the additional proceedings volume.

Post-conference publications.

There will be several post-conference publications in which we publish the full versions of selected papers presented at the conference. The editors of the post-conference publications will invite authors of papers presented at the conference to submit a full version to one of these publications. They will be peer-reviewed according to the usual standards of journals.

The journal publications (TCS, ToCS and JLC) will follow a tight schedule in order to enable timely publication.

20 July 2006 Invitation of potential authors
20 October 2006 Deadline for submission of papers (in PDF format)

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