Computability in Europe 2008
Logic and Theory of Algorithms

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Special Issue ToCS

Editors: Arnold Beckmann (Swansea), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam)

Journal Webpage: Theory of Computing Systems

Author Title Pages Status
Guillaume Theyssier and Mathieu Sablik Topological Dynamics of Cellular Automata: Dimension Matters 23 paper accepted
James Lathrop, Jack H. Lutz, Matthew J. Patitz and Scott M. Summers Computability and Complexity in Self-Assembly 28 paper accepted
Lakshmi Manasa, Shankara Narayanan Krishna and Chinmay Jain Model Checking Weighted Integer Reset Timed Automata 39 paper accepted
Gabriel Ciobanu, Krishna S Enhanced Mobile Membranes: Computability Results 16 paper accepted
Michael Soltys and Craig Wilson On the Complexity of Computing Winning Strategies for Finite Poset Games 13 paper accepted

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