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Logic and Theory of Algorithms

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Combining Concept Maps and Petri Nets to Generate Intelligent Tutoring Systems

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Author(s): Maikel Leon, Isis Bonet and Zenaida Garcia
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The use of pedagogical methods with the technologies of the information and
communications produce a new quality that favors the task of generating,
transmitting and sharing knowledge. Such is the case of the pedagogical effect
that produces the use of the Concept Maps, which constitute a tool for the
management of knowledge, an aid to personalize the learning process, to exchange
knowledge, and to learn how to learn. In this paper the authors present a new
approach to elaborate Intelligent Tutoring Systems, where the techniques of
Concept Maps and Artificial Intelligence are combined, using Petri Nets as
theoretical frame, for the student model. The pedagogical model that controls
the interaction between the apprentice and the generated Intelligent Tutoring
Systems is implemented by Petri Nets. The Petri Nets transitions are controlled
by condi-tions that refer to the apprentice model. The firing of these
transitions produces actions that update this apprentice model. These conditions
are automatically included into the pedagogical model and the teacher has only
to specify the contents of the domain model.

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