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SEMINAR on CSP-PROVER: 11 July, 11:30 h

In this talk, we discuss the generic architecture of the tool CSP-Prover, and some of its applications: Software Correctness is highly relevant in many safety- and mission- critical domains, such as banking, e-commerce, etc.

CSP-Prover was first introduced at TACAS'05. It provides a generic interactive theorem proving environment for the process algebra CSP. The tool is based on the theorem prover "Isabelle". Our Web-Page provides some sample case studies of theoretical and of industrial nature.

With the help of CSP-Prover we developed and verified the first complete axiomatic semantics for the CSP stable failures model (see CONCUR'06). The proof involves sequentialisation and normalisation of processes, also a new normal form needs to be introduced. Read more 

Markus Roggenbach

Markus Roggenbach

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