Domains X Workshop 2011

Swansea, Dept. of Computer Science, Wales, UK,
5 - 7 September 2011

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Contributed talks/Short talks

Steffen Van Bakel, Franco Barbanera and Ugo De Liguoro. A Domain Logic Approach to Models of $\lambda\mu$ and Related Calculi
Weng Kin Ho and Dongsheng Zhao. When exactly is Scott sober?
Wu Hengyang and Chen Yixiang. The Partial Correctness Semantics of Fuzzy Imperative Programming Language
Yanfang Ma, Yixiang Chen and Min Zhang. Topological Construction of Two-thirds Bisimulation
Ernst-Erich Doberkat. Towards a coalgebraic interpretation of PDL
Wei Yao and Bin Zhao. A duality between $\Omega$-categories and algebraic $\Omega$-categories
Olaf Klinke, Achim Jung and M. Andrew Moshier. A bitopological point-free approach to compactification
Iosif Petrakis. Extending the basic Scott framework of information systems
Ingo Battenfeld. Observationally-induced lower and upper powerspace constructions
Pawel Waszkiewicz † . Formal ball models of quasimetric spaces
Paul Blain Levy. Surjectivity in the Powerset Final Sequence
Hugh Steele and Andrea Schalk. Double Glueing and MLL Full Completeness
Jean Goubault-Larrecq. Full Abstraction for Non-Deterministic and Probabilistic Extensions of PCF
Andrej Bauer and Karin Cvetko Vah. Stone Duality for Skew Boolean Algebras with Intersections
Sam Staton. Presenting partiality and non-determinism
Paul Bilokon and Abbas Edalat. Towards a domain-theoretic, computable approach to stochastic processes
Peng He and Abbas Edalat. Continuity and Computability of Visual Hull from Imprecise Input
Tadeusz Litak. Constructive Loeb logic: natural deduction, fixed points and proof terms
Uday S. Reddy and Brian Dunphy. States and actions: An automata-theoretic semantics for programming languages
Giuseppe Rosolini and Maria Emilia Maietti. Quotients for Doctrines

    † We are very sad to report the death of Pawel Waszkiewicz.
    Pawel was killed by a speeding car in Krakow a few weeks ago.

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