Domains X Workshop 2011

Swansea, Dept. of Computer Science, Wales, UK,
5 - 7 September 2011

Picture of Swansea University

Besides its traditional topics Domains X will focus on the special themes 'Modelling Computational Effects' and 'Modelling Continuous Data.'

Scientific scope of Domains X

Domain theory has had applications to programming language semantics and logics (lambda-calculus, PCF, LCF), recursion theory (Kleene-Kreisel countable functionals), general topology (injective spaces, function spaces, locally compact spaces, Stone duality), topological algebra (compact Hausdorff semilattices) and analysis (measure, integration, dynamical systems). Moreover, these applications are related - for example, Stone duality gives rise to a logic of observable properties of computational processes.
As such, domain theory is highly interdisciplinary. Topics of interaction with domain theory for this workshop include, but are not limited to:
  • program semantics
  • program logics
  • probabilistic computation
  • exact computation over the real numbers
  • lambda calculus
  • games
  • models of sequential computation
  • constructive mathematics
  • recursion theory
  • realizability
  • real analysis and computability
  • topology, metric spaces and domains
  • locale theory
  • category theory
  • topos theory
  • type theory