Logical Approaches to Barriers in
Computing and Complexity

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Author Instructions

Instructions for preparing final versions

Your extended abstract will be printed in our Abstract Booklet which will be distributed at the workshop. It will also be made available online in the preprint series of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald. To prepare the final version of your extended abstract, please follow the following instructions.

  1. We will need all the source files of your submission and a pdf file for checking. Our Abstract Booklet will be produced using the Springer LNCS style which can be downloaded from the author instruction page of Springer-Verlag. The reason for using this style is that many of the authors will be familiar with it, and it is supported by the EasyChair system. As the abstract booklet will be printed in A4 format, we ask you to add the fullpage package when preparing your latex file. I.e., your file could start with the lines


    Please make also sure that your files compile, e.g. that all macro-files and bib-files are included. We recommend that you copy all files in a separate folder and try it out.

    Please note that no modifications of your final version will be possible after the deadline.

  2. Your final submission in the format as described above must not exceed 4 pages. Failure to comply with the page limit without explicit permission from the PC chair may result in your abstract not being printed in the Abstract Booklet.

  3. Please upload all your files using your account at the EasyChair system (not yet available, but it will be ready in a few days.) The deadline for receiving your final version is

    5 January 2010.

    It is important that you meet the deadline so that the Abstract Booklet will be ready for the workshop. Abstracts received after this deadline will not be printed.

  4. We ask you to check the author details which you have provided in the EasyChair system. - they will be used to produce the author index for the booklet.

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