Alan Turing Centenary
Swansea University
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Here at Swansea University, we have set up a series events to contribute to the celebration of Alan Turing's Centenary. Our events are embedded into the wider national and international Alan Turing Year events coordinated by the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee.
Physics and Computation 2012 snapshot
The 5th International Workshop on Physics and Computation is an interdisciplinary meeting on the frontiers of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering and Biology. Topics range from mathematical modelling and understanding systems (physical, complex, interacting quantum or biological), to the use of such systems to compute (like in analogue computation) via the underlying massive developments in computability theory. More details...
Prof John V Tucker's talk is on the What can we compute? A history of the Church-Turing Hypothesis as part of the Seminar on History of Science and Technology of the College of Science, and the PCV seminar of the Department of Computer Science. More details...
John V Tucker
The following three events form a Public Engagment Afternoon to celebrate Alan Turing's Centenary. The events take place on Wednesday 5th December 2012. The afternoon is funded by the College of Science EPSRC Research Fund and Software Alliance Wales. The afternoon consists of three parts, a distinguished Lecture by Prof Martin Campell-Kelly, the display of the Alan Turing Posters based on the Turing Archive at King's College, Cambridge, and a Swansea Science Cafe event staging of Sciptography Productions' play To Kill A Machine.
Martin Campell-Kelly
Tea and Coffee will be available before the lecture, which starts at 5:30pm
The talk will be followed by a reception.

Professor Martin Campbell-Kelly's lecture is on Alan Turing’s Other Universal Machine: The ACE. More details...
Scriptography Productions presents a new full-length play by Catrin Fflur Huws about the wartime code-breaker Alan Turing, whose pioneering work considered whether a machine could think. More details...
Poster for To Kill A Machine
Alan Turing Posters
The poster exhibition shows Alan Turing as a person in his early and final years leading to his tragic death, as well as his main contributions to science and society. More details...

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