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Special Issue APAL

Editors: Klaus Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg), Arnold Beckmann (Swansea), Sam Buss (San Diego), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam)

Journal Webpage: Annal of Pure and Applied Logic

Author Title Pages Status
Thomas Kent, Andrew Lewis and Andrea Sorbi Empty Intervals in the Enumeration Degrees 10 paper accepted
Laurent Bienvenu and Joe Miller Randomness and Lowness Notions via Open Covers 26 paper accepted
David Diamondstone and Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen Martin-Löf Randomness and Galton-Watson Processes 17 paper accepted
Hristo Ganchev and Mariya Soskova The high/low hierarchy in the local structure of the ω-enumeration degrees 35 paper accepted
George Barmpalias Tracing and Domination in the Turing Degrees 11 paper accepted
Alla Sirokofskich Decidability questions for a ring of Laurent polynomials 8 paper accepted
Cameron Freer and Daniel Roy Computable de Finetti measures 22 paper accepted
Pavel Alaev Computably Categorical Boolean Algebras Enriched by Ideals and Atoms 35 paper accepted
Dag Normann and Victor Sazonov The extensional ordering of the sequential functionals 63 paper accepted
Pavel Pudlák and Neil Thapen Alternating minima and maxima, Nash equilibria and Bounded Arithmetic 19 paper accepted

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