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Special Issue JLC

Editors: Klaus Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg), Arnold Beckmann (Swansea), Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú (Budapest), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam)

Journal Webpage: Journal of Logic and Computation

Author Title Pages Status
Thomas Anberrée First-order universality for real programs 27 paper accepted
Manuel Bodirsky, Miki Hermann and Florian Richoux Complexity of existential positive first-order logic 8 paper accepted
Martín Escardó Algorithmic solution of higher-type equations 13 paper accepted
Ian Pratt-Hartmann and Ivo Duentsch Functions Definable by Numerical Set-Expressions 27 paper accepted
Marius Zimand Generating Kolmogorov random strings from sources with limited independence 15 paper accepted
Benedek Nagy On a hierarchy of $5' o 3'$ sensing Watson-Crick finite automata languages 21 paper accepted
Thomas Zerjatke Solving a PSPACE-complete Problem by Gene Assembly 15 paper accepted
Hendrik Blockeel and Robert Brijder On the Inference of Non-Confluent NLC Graph Grammars 17 paper accepted
Guénola Drillon, Alessandra Carbone and Gilles Fischer Combinatorics of chromosomal rearrangements based on synteny blocks and synteny packs 25 paper accepted
Luca Bortolussi and Alberto Policriti (Hybrid) Automata and (Stochastic) Programs 39 paper accepted

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