Computability in Europe
Special Issues

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Special Issue ToCS

Editors: Arnold Beckmann (Swansea), Wolfgang Merkle (Heidelberg), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam)

Journal Webpage: Theory of Computing Systems

Author Title Pages Status
Klaus Ambos-Spies and Timur Bakibayev Comparing Nontriviality for the Exponential Time Classes E and EXP 16 paper accepted
Jean Cardinal, Samuel Fiorini and Gwenaël Joret Minimum Entropy Combinatorial Optimization Problems 14 paper accepted
John Case and Samuel E. Moellius Program Self-Reference in Constructive Scott Subdomains 25 paper accepted
Stefan Dantchev and Barnaby Martin Cutting planes and the parameter cutwidth 13 paper accepted
Tobias Gärtner and Günter Hotz Representation Theorems for Analytic Machines and Computability of Analytic Functions 17 paper accepted
Lars Kristiansen and Bedeho Mesghina Wolde Mender The Semantics and Complexity of Successor-Free Nondeterministic Gödel's T and PCF 18 paper accepted

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