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Special Issue CiE12: LMCS

There will be a special issue of the journal Logical Methods in Computer Science arising from the 2012 Turing Centenary Conference CiE 2012: How the World Computes, held in Cambridge in June 2012. Submission is by invitation only.

Articles should be prepared using the LMCS latex style lmcs.cls. Detailed guidelines for authors, and the relevant latex files for downloading, can be found at HERE.

Articles should be submitted using the LMCS submission system. To submit your article please follow the instructions given under Register/submit to a special issue. The Special-Issue-Code to be used for submission is C=i-E-1=2.

Enquiries from authors should be sent to the appropriate guest editor: = Arnold Beckmann (Swansea) or = Anuj Dawar (Cambridge).

Author Title Pages Status
Eric Allender, Harry Buhrman, Luke Friedman, and Bruno Loff Reductions to the set of random strings: the resource-bounded case 16 paper accepted
John Case, Sanjay Jain, Samuel Seah and Frank Stephan Automatic functions, linear time and learning 22 paper accepted
Anupam Das Complexity of Deep Inference via Flow Graphs 23 paper accepted
Martin Huschenbett, Alexander Kartzow, Jiamou Liu and Markus Lohrey Tree-Automatic Well-Founded Trees 40 paper accepted
George Metcalfe and Christoph Röthlisberger Admissibility in Finitely Generated Quasivarieties 17 paper accepted
Vladimir Podolskii Lower Bound on Weights of Large Degree Threshold Functions 17 paper accepted
A.C. Cem Say and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz Finite state verifiers with constant randomness 17 paper accepted

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