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Andy Gimblett BA MPhil

Past teaching & administrative duties

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Room 503a
Faraday Tower
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From 2002 to 2008 I was employed full time as a tutor; during that time I taught on the following modules:

  • CS-101 Computing Skills (whole module)
  • CS-199 Computers Unplugged (data representation, compression & errors; introductory cryptography)
  • CS-113 From Languages to Hardware (whole module)
  • CS-228 Operating Systems (whole module)
  • CS-238 Data Communications & Computer Networks (whole module)
  • CS-244 Software Laboratory (Linux; C programming)
  • CS-309 History of Computation (ancient number systems; the abacus)
  • CS-323 High Performance Microprocessors (whole module)
  • CS-318 Cryptography & IT Security (security in practice)
  • CS-M18 IT Security: Theory & Practice (security in practice)
  • CS-M74 Software Product Development (Linux; C programming)
  • CS-M01 Distributed Programming in Java (threading; network programming)

(Thankfully I wasn't doing all of the above every – or indeed any – year!)

You can download an archive of teaching materials (notes, slides, etc.) covering this period here.

My administrative duties over this period included development, maintenance and operation of the departmental student marks database (as part of the exam team); organisation of our Annual Undergraduate Student Colloquium; collection & distribution of past exam papers; and student enrollment.