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Third Year Project Selection Fair, 2009

An Event of the Computer Science Department,
Swansea University


Wednesday, 22 April 2009


14:00 - 16:00


Lecture Theater L (14:00-15:00) and
Robert Recorde Room (15:00-16:00)
Faraday Tower
Computer Science Department
Swansea University


Robert S. Laramee
We urge all second year students to come to this very important event. Choosing the right project is crucial for completing the third year successfully. Please browse the Project Selection Brochure carefully and prepare questions about the projects. full announcement forthcoming...
Part 1: Induction lecture, Faraday L, 2-3 pm.
[1]  Welcome Address by the Head of Year Dr. Robert S. Laramee
[5 minutes]
[2]  Address by the Head of Department Dr. Phil Grant
[5 minutes]
[3]  Organisation of a 3rd Year project by Dr. Markus Roggenbach
[20 minutes]
[4]  Professor Peter D. Mosses-short description of candidate (theory) projects
[6 minutes]
[5]  Professor Harold Thimbleby-short description of candidate (human-computer interaction) projects
[6 minutes]
[6]  Dr. Max L Wilson-short description of candidate (human-computer interaction) projects
[6 minutes]
  Members of staff who haven't yet had the opportunity to teach you briefly introduce themselves and their projects. All interested members of staff should contact the event coordinator a.s.a.p. in order to be scheduled.
Part 2: Open Forum, Robert Recorde Room, 3-4 pm.
[7]  Lecturing staff answer questions and offer detailed information on their 3rd Year Projects for 2009-2010. Coffee and biscuits are planned.

If any member of staff unable to attend, please let the event coordinator know. In this case you should inform the second year students and offer an alternative time and location to discuss your projects.

From the Project Selection Brochure:


Swansea Computer Science Department states as its Educational Aim No 4 "The ability to plan and accomplish a substantial project". The final year project is your chance to live up to these expectations.

The final year project is your chance to study a Computer Science subject of your own choice. To do something that always has interested you, however, never appeared on the Swansea syllabus. After your studies, your project most probably will become your "distinctive feature". Every job interview will include the request: please tell me about your final year project.

In terms of learning skill, what you will gain is experience in project management - within your project you will be your own manager. You will learn how to make good presentations (a talk in Gregynog, a poster at the Project Demonstration Fair), how to write a project proposal or a project report, and you will gain experience in self-organized studies. In summary: step by step you will grow out of a taught university programme and become a computer scientist in your own right.

See the Project Selection Brochure for more information.

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