Call For Participation

Postgraduate Posters

The RIVIC Graduate School 2010 is especially aimed to provide a stimulating space for young researchers and Ph.D. Students. They will have the possibility to present the results of their research on the topic of the school, and to interact with their scientific peers, in a friendly and constructive environment. Accepted students may submit a poster to present their research activity. The poster title should be submitted by Friday 26 March 2010. Suitable space will be reserved to students for showing their posters. Prizes will be awarded to the best student posters. The electronic version of the posters will also be available from the RIVIC Graduate School 2010 web site.

Postgraduates presenting a poster also take part in a Fast-Forward presentation. In the fast-forward presentation, each postgraduate has up to 120 seconds to briefly introduce their work featured on their poster. This short presentation is accompanied by 1-2 powerpoint slides.

The powerpoint slides for your fast-forward presentation are send to Ben Daubney, (B.Daubney "at" who is coordinating this session. Ben Daubney assembles the slides from each individual postgraduate into one power point file (containing all of slides). It is this combined powerpoint file that is actually used for the fast-forward session. The deadline for sending your powerpoint slides for the fast-forward session is Friday 2 April 2010. Please send any questions or comments to:

Research Officer (RO) Presentations

RIVIC Research Officers are invited to deliver a talk on current and work-in-progress research results. If you are a RIVIC RO registered for the event, please send us the title of your talk by Friday 26 March 2010. Not doing so may result in the withdrawal of your presentation from the program. As soon as we have your presentation title, it will be added to the program. The electronic version of the presentations will also be available from the RIVIC Graduate School 2010 web site.

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