Visual Computing Graduate School 2010
Sponsored by Wales Research Institute of Visual Computing (RIVIC)

Tue 6 - Fri 9, April, 2010

Swansea University , UK

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6 April
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9 April
Session Chair Ik Soo Lim

RIVIC Research
Officer Presentations,
Session 2: Graphics
1. Ravi P. Kammaje-Swansea
2. Jonathan Quinn-Cardiff
3. Ben Spencer-Swansea
4. Jing Wu-Cardiff
Session Chair: Ralph Martin

Distinguished Lecture:
Marc Alexa

Distinguished Lecture:
Adrian Hilton
Session Chair: Xianghua (Jason) Xie

Distinguished Lecture:
Bob Fisher

Distinguished Lecture:
Oliver Deussen
tea & coffee tea & coffee tea & coffee
in the Foyer of Faraday Tower (until 17:00)
Session Chair: Benjamin Mora

RIVIC Research
Officer Presentations,
Session 3: Visualization and Simulation
1. Rita Borgo-Swansea
2. Chris Hughes-Bangor
3. Dan Lipsa-Swansea
4. Rick Walker-Bangor
5. Llyr ap Cenydd-Bangor
Session Chair: Mark W Jones

Distinguished Lecture:
Frits H Post

11:45 Panel A:
Is Visual Computing a Science or Black Magic?
Oliver Deussen,
David Ebert,
Leif Kobbelt,
Adrian Hilton,
Chuck Hansen
Session Chair: Robert S Laramee

Distinguished Lecture:
Carol O'Sullivan

Distinguished Lecture:
Chuck Hansen

lunch lunch lunch lunch
Welcome Opening
Min Chen, Robert S Laramee, Xianghua (Jason) Xie

Showcase Talks
13:45 Ralph Martin (Cardiff)
14:15 Nigel W. John (Bangor)
14:45 Mark W. Jones (Swansea)
Session Chair: Phil W Grant

RIVIC Research
Officer Presentations
Session 4: Registration, Calibration, Integration
1. Zhiquan Cheng-Cardiff
2. Ian Grimstead-Cardiff
3. Ran Song-Aberystwyth
4. Gary K.L. Tam-Cardiff
Scientific Advisory Meeting

Post-Docs Meet Postgraduates:
How to Survive a PhD Programme?
Informal Program-
Excursion, Mumbles/Langland Bay
(Rain: Bowling)
15:15 tea & coffee tea & coffee tea & coffee
Session Chair: Paul Rosin

RIVIC Research
Officer Presentations
Session 1: Vision, People, Modelling
1. Andrew Aubrey-Cardiff
2. Ben Daubney-Swansea
3. Hui Fang-Swansea
4. Alan Woodland-Aberystwyth

Fast-Forward Session
Coordinated by Ben Daubney
Session Chair: Nigel W John

Distinguished Lecture:
Thomas Ertl

Distinguished Lecture:
David Ebert
Session Chair: Frank Langbein

Distinguished Lecture:
Leif Kobbelt

16:15 Panel B:
Is Visual Computing Converging or Diverging?
Marc Alexa,
Tom Ertl,
Bob Fisher,
Frits H Post,
Carol O'Sullivan
Poster Exhibition
and Reception (Cheese, Wine, and Sandwiches)
in Faraday Tower
18:30/19:00-Dinner at Miah's Restaurant, St Pauls Church, St Helens Road 19:00- Social Event: Dinner at the Marriot Hotel, Swansea

Distiguished Lectures

Distinguished lectures are 40 minutes + 4 minutes of questions and answers.
  1. Marc Alexa, Sketching as Human Video Out ( PDF )
  2. Oliver Deussen, Illustrative Rendering: Between Art and Science
  3. David Ebert, Visual Analytics-Crucial for the Digital Information Age ( PDF )
  4. Thomas Ertl, Interactive Visualization - Beyond Standard Techniques for Irrelevant Datasets ( PDF )
  5. Bob Fisher, Capturing Range Data of Bats, at 500 Frames/Second ( PDF )
  6. Chuck Hansen, How to Succeed at Research: My Advice to Bob Ver 2.0 ( PDF )
  7. Adrian Hilton, Practical 3D Video Capture ( PDF )
  8. Leif Kobbelt, Mobile Applications and Services ( PDF )
  9. Carol O'Sullivan, Plausible Virtual Humans and Crowds
  10. Frits H Post, How to Succeed at Research: My Advice to Bob ( PDF )

Showcase Talks

Showcase talks are 25 minutes + 4 minutes of questions and answers.
  1. Nigel W John, Visual Computing in Medicine (n.w.john "at" bangor.ac.uk)
  2. Mark W Jones, Visualization of Animal Tracking Data (M.W.Jones "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  3. Ralph Martin, RIVIC Research at Cardiff (Ralph.Martin "at" cs.cardiff.ac.uk)

RIVIC Research Officer Talks

Research Officer talks are 18 minutes + 2 minutes questions and answers.
  1. Andrew Aubrey, Behaviour Transfer Between Expressive Talking Heads
    (aubreyaj "at" cardiff.ac.uk)
  2. Rita Borgo, SoundRiver: Visualising the Sound in Films,
    (R.Borgo "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  3. Llyr ap Cenydd, Towards a Realistic Visual Model of Living Brain Tissue
    (ees60d "at" bangor.ac.uk)
  4. Zhiquan Cheng, 3D Non-rigid Registration for Deformable Data,
    PDF slides (cheng.zhiquan "at" gmail.com)
  5. Ben Daubney, Human Pose Estimation using Bayesian Networks
    (B.Daubney "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  6. Hui Fang, General Overview of 2D Facial Registration: A Survey Talk
    (H.Fang "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  7. Ian Grimstead, Calibrating a COTS Monitor to DICOM Standard
    (I.J.Grimstead "at" cs.cardiff.ac.uk)
  8. Chris Hughes, Computer Simulations for Interventional Radiology Procedures
    (c.j.hughes "at" bangor.ac.uk)
  9. Ravi P. Kammaje, On a Few Ray Tracing like Algorithms and Structures
    (csravi "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  10. Dan Lipsa, Visualization of Foam Rheology
    (csdan "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  11. Jonathan Quinn, Anisotropic Point Sampling
    (j.a.quinn "at" cs.cardiff.ac.uk)
  12. Ran Song, Integration of Multi-View Range Images
    (res "at" aber.ac.uk)
  13. Ben Spencer, Accelerating Global Illumination Using Photon Relaxation
    (csbenjamin "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  14. Gary K.L. Tam, From Rigid to Non-Rigid 3D Registration : A Survey
    (Kwok-Leung.Tam "at" cs.cardiff.ac.uk)
  15. Rick Walker, Multiple Views for Soil Visualization
    (rick.walker "at" bangor.ac.uk)
  16. Alan Woodland, Modelling and Understanding Image Manifolds
    (ajw "at" aber.ac.uk)
  17. Jing Wu, Bas-Relief Generation using Shape From Shading
    (J.Wu "at" cs.cardiff.ac.uk)


  1. Panel A: Is Visual Computing a Science or Black Magic?
    Addressing issues such as scientific foundation, complex parameter space, fundamental limitations, algorithmic learning, cognition, and scalability, ...
  2. Panel B: Is Visual Computing Converging or Diverging?
    Addressing issues such as new research agendas, merits and demerits of convergence, subject boundary, publication venues, ...

Postgraduate Posters

Postgraduates present for 2 minutes each during the fast forward session.
  1. Matjaz Bone, Group Theory in Marching Cubes
    (matjazbone "at" gmail.com)
  2. Ian Doidge, Investigating the Surface Area Heuristic
    (I.DOIDGE.444574 "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  3. Matthew Edmunds, Automatic Streamsurface Placement
    (csmatti "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  4. Zhao Geng, Unparalled Coordinates
    (cszg "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  5. Richard George, Explorative Coastal Oceanographic Visualization
    (osue80 "at" bangor.ac.uk)
  6. Liam Kurmos, Optimal View Selection for Dynamic Isosurfaces
    (quantum.leaf "at" googlemail.com)
  7. Farhan Mohammed, From Tabular Data to Metaphoric Landscape Visualisation- A Template-based Approach
    (csfarhan "at" swansea.ac.uk)
  8. Christian Richardt, Stereo Coherence in Non-Photorealistic Rendering
    (cr333 "at" cam.ac.uk)
  9. Si Yong Yeo, Geometric Potential Force for the Deformable Model
    (genyeoius "at" gmail.com, Swansea)

Other Attendees and Postgraduates Attending

  1. Dan Casas (D.Casasguix "at" surrey.ac.uk)
  2. Zhili Chen (zzc09 "at" aber.ac.uk)
  3. Ed Grundy (csed "at" swan.ac.uk)
  4. Tony McLoughlin (cstony "at" swan.ac.uk)
  5. Margara Tejera (M.Tejerapadilla "at" surrey.ac.uk)
  6. Simon Walton (simonwalton "at" gmail.com)
  7. Yitian Zhao (yyz10 "at" aber.ac.uk)

Registered But Unable to Attend

  1. Heidar Hosseini (hhh05 "at" aber.ac.uk)
  2. Meirion (David) Hughes, (meirion "at" bangor.ac.uk)
  3. Vedran Kajic, (kajicv1 "at" cf.ac.uk)
  4. Rafal Mantiuk, (mantiuk "at" bangor.ac.uk)

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