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Module: CS_230/235P, Year 2 Tutorial


This web page provides guidance for year 2 tutorial group meetings. The idea is to coordinate the various tutorial groups such that they are more consistent with one another. A list of suggested discussion topics is provided for each tutorial group meeting. Note that second year tutorials provide general support for all second year modules. Thus, all discussion topics are welcome. The times and locations of tutorial group meetings are arranged with the tutorial group leader. See also, the CS_230/235 Software Engineering web page .

Recommended Discussion Topics

Tutorial Meeting 1

  1. What is software engineering?
  2. Disasters Caused by Software:
Tutorial Meeting 2
  1. A Guide to Working in Groups: from the University of Southhampton.
  2. Working in Groups: Answers to common questions and discussions of common fears regarding group work.
  3. Writing and Working in Groups: Guidelines from Colorado State University
  4. Working in Groups: Guidelines from the University of Canberra, Australia
  5. Group Development: An introduction to the topic on wikipedia.
Tutorial Meeting 3
  1. Bob's Lecture on Team Roles: these team roles are required for assignments 3 and 4.
  2. The unexpected disadvantages of email. This is an interesting article on the harm email can cause.
Tutorial Meeting 4
  1. Practical Tips for Software-Intensive Student Projects by D. C. Rajapaske, a great guide to working in teams on software engineering projects
  2. The truth about grit. This is an interesting article about one of the characteristics that leads to success.
Tutorial Meeting 5
  1. Previous assignments 3 and 4 of Software Engineering from last year. This was a non-trivial project, so groups started working early on it.
    First, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes were awarded to the best group projects!
    Grid Tools Ltd sponsered the 1st, 2nd and, 3rd place group prizes. grid-tools.com
Tutorial Meeting 6
  1. The A3 feedback report on design.
Tutorial Meeting 7
  1. The Previous A3 and A4 Assessment Report from last year- This is the report that was used to assess assignments 3 and 4. The assessment report for this year's assignment will be similar.
  2. (LaTeX source)
Tutorial Meeting 8
  1. Skills4study.com- an interesting web site providing very useful advice on attending lectures, essay writing, presentations, assessments, revision, and planning your future.
Tutorial Meeting 9
  1. Previous Assignment 5 of Software Engineering from last year This was non-trivial, so students started working early on it.
  2. The Death of Computing by Neil McBride, November 2007 This is a popular and controversial article that promises to spark interesting discussion.

    "The new computing department will be the department of interdisciplinary studies, drawing ideas from biology, design, history, medicine and contributing a rich computing foundation to those disciplines. It will be looking outwards rather than inwards, concerned to address the vast landscapes of computing application."

  3. BCS Welcomes the Curriculum Review but warns there is a serious problem with the teaching of computing in schools..., 25 November 2010
Tutorial Meeting 10
  1. 140 Google Interview Questions Ever wonder what an interview at Google can be like? Interviews at Microshaft can be similar.
Tutorial Meeting 11
  1. Feedback on Databases Exam, 2011 This valuable feedback was provided by Mark Jones to his database students. It contains five essential lessons and general advice that can be applied across all modules.

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