Unfair Practice

Unfair practice is a broad term which, as far as this university is concerned, covers all types of academic misbehavior. There are several different kinds of Unfair Practice, such as collusion, plagiarism, cheating in exams etc. This set of pages is intended to ensure that each and every one of you fully understands exactly what is and is not considered acceptable behaviour.

It is very important that you understand that there is no such thing as accidental plagiarism. Intent is only taken into consideration when deciding upon a penalty, not when deciding on guilt or innocence. There are several reasons why you may not fully understand yet, the ways in which you could accidentally commit Unfair Practice.

  1. Your school may not have taught you the same rules as we have at University.
  2. You may come from a different cultural background.
  3. You may be in the early years of your study.
You should therefore read the following pages carefully, carry out the exercises, and if you are not sure about anything ASK. You can ask your Academic Tutor, the department's Student Monitor, your module lecturer etc. You should not rely on what your friends tell you. Penalties laid down and enforced by the University are very heavy. Don't get caught doing something silly. Learn these lessons and you will be fine.

  • Information about collusion
  • Information about plagiarism