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2008-03-04 No Grownups seminar is back again

Check out the new schedule.

- Temesghen

2006-01-30 Discussion Group Notes Online

The LaTeX Tips and Tricks discussion group was a success, with most attendees learning something new about a system they use on a daily basis.

A collection of notes from the session is available online as LaTeX source. For those just wishing to see the results, there is also a typeset PDF. Finally, an archive of everything including images is also available for anyone wishing to re-create the PDF exactly.

Additions and corrections to this set of notes are welcome.

- David

2006-01-05 Welcome

The 'No Grownups' Seminar Series web site is now online. Still to do is a discussion area for members of the group, and a logo (which is currently underway). A provisional schedule for 2006 is online, and will be filled in as information becomes available. Please could all speakers provide titles and abstracts for their talks as soon as possible, and any suggestions for discussion or debate topics are welcome.

Thanks go to Tony for the idea of this series, Jo for the name, and Alfie for her hard work herding enough cats to get speakers for this year. Additional thanks to everyone who has agreed to give a talk for this series. Finally, thanks to Professor Min Chen for his support in organising this series.