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No Grownups Seminar Series

No Grownups

Previous Talks

Slides from previous talks in this series can be found on this page.

Date Title Speaker(s) Slides
2005-02-18 Desktop Search Technologies David Chisnall PDF
2005-02-25 Collaborative tools for meta-data tagging of images Owen Gilson
2005-03-04 Ordinal Numbers Will Harwood PDF
2005-03-11 Constructive Volume Geometry and Data in Space Ken Johnson
2005-03-18 Parsing and static analysis of CSP-CASL Andy Gimblett PDF
2005-04-15 I WANT a Better Managed Mailing List System Tony H. Bao
2005-05-06 Information Theory and Chaitin's clever number Will Harwood PDF
2005-05-20 Making Computers Suck Less David Chisnall and Nicolas Roard PDF
2006-01-27 LaTeX Tips and Tricks Discussion PDF LaTeX ZIP
2006-10-27 Elactic facial caricature warping Lyndsey Clarke PPT