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Anton Setzer, Dipl-math. (Munich), Dr. rer. nat. (Munich), docent (for mathematical logic, Uppsala)


Modules currently responsible for:

CS_275: Automata Theory and Formal Languages
CS_313: High Integrity Systems
CS_M00: Research Methodology (Coordination)
CS_M13: Critical Systems
CS_M25 Research Methodology and Project Specification
CS_M50 Safe and Secure Project Specification
Modules taught in previous years:

CS_113: From Languages to Hardware
CS_199: Computers Unplugged (Chapter on Languages)
CS_226: Computability Theory
CS_236: Language and Compuation
CS_336: Interactive Theorem Proving
CS_M33: Computer Systems: Processors, Memory, Data
CS_M36: Functional Programming and Interactive Theorem Proving (Part II)
CS_M46: Interactive Theorem Proving
Administrative duties:
Coordinator MSc in Advanced Computer Science (Information for students)
Informations for tutorial and project students(Including some new items)
Maintainer of links to logic-servers world wide
Further information on A. Setzer

Tel. :
International: +44 1792 513368
National: 01792 513368
International: +44 1792 295708
National: (01792) 295708
Email: Replace '_dot_' by '.' and '_at_' by '@' in 'a_dot_g_dot_setzer_at_swan_dot_ac_dot_uk'
Address: Dr. Anton Setzer, Dept. of Computer Science, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP, UK

Faraday Building, Computer Science Department, 2nd floor, room 214

Conference Organisation/
Programme Committee
British Logic Colloquium 2009
CSL 2009
Russell'08 - Proof theory meets Type Theory
PCC 2007
Computability in Europe, CiE 2006
Constructive Logic in Software Engineering, CLASE 2005 (ETAPS)

Further information on A. Setzer (research, other courses, links) can be found here
Research Areas:

Proof Theory, esp. of Martin-Löf Type Theory, Programming with Dependent Types, esp. Interaction and Induction-Recursion.
More on A. Setzer's Research
Chair person of the Swansea subsite of the TYPES project
EPSRC Grant EP/G033374/1: Theory and Applications of Induction Recursion
EPSRC Grant GR/S30450/01: Extension of Dependent Type Theory - Induction, Interaction, Universes
Talks given:

Slides of talks given
Articles from PhD studets and RAs

Articles from PhD studets and RAs
Rare Articles

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