Diary Year 3: 01.08.2008 - 31.10.2009

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14.10.2009 - 16.10.2009

Temesghen, Markus, Holger and Ana Cavalcanti (from the University of York) had a meeting on specification-based testing from CSP, CSP-CASL and Circus. Ana Cavalcanti gave a presentation on Circus within the Algebraic Specification Seminar. Also, Temesghen presented a testing framework for EP2. Below are some photos from the events and social activities afterwards.

16.07.2009 - 22.07.2009

We attend VINO 2009. VINO is a small conference between four research groups: a group from Berlin, a group from Nancy, a group from Bremen and us (the Processes and Data Gang from Swansea). VINO was held at Holger Schlingloff's summer house in Sand in Taufers in Italy. The goal of our conference was to share and develop our research ideas through discussion. We also studied in depth Wojciech Penczek, Agata Polrola: Advances in the Verification of Time Petri Nets and Timed Automata - A Temporal Logic Approach. During the conference we learnt a great deal throughout the talks, had wonderful hiking trips in the surrounding mountains and tasted delicious food prepared by each group in turn. We (the Processes and Data Gang) won the "Best Cooking Award" for our three course evening meal, although the competition was very high. Below are some photos from the trip.


Temesghen, Liam and Phil attend the Swansea University Science Day. Temesghen and Liam present a talk on "Formal Verification of an Electronic Payment System" and Phil presents with Karim Kanso a talk on "Automated Verification of Train Control Software".

17.06.2009 - 19.06.2009

Temesghen and Markus visit Six Card Solutions, in Hamburg. In this visit, we gave an overview of CSP-CASL, the testing theory and application of CSP-CASL and the specification of EP2 in CSP-CASL. Moreover, in this meeting we solved some technical difficulties in installing one of the EP2 terminal. Below are some photos from the trip.


Group meeting where the group discusses the previous meeting's targets, progress and new targets for the coming week.


Group meeting where Markus give an introduction to category theory via the institution of propositional logic.


Markus organises the Project Demonstration Fair where the 3rd year undergraduate students present and show off their projects. Below are some photos from the event and the celebrations afterwards.


The group attends the departmental research away day, held at Sketty Hall.


Markus and Phil visit Invensys Rail at Chippenham to discuss initial results from their project. Below is a photo from the trip.


Group meeting where the group discusses the previous meeting's targets, progress and new targets for the coming week.

06.04.2009 - 09.04.2009

Liam and Temesghen attend BCTCS 2009 at Warwick University. Unfortunately Phil was ill and could not attend, however he intended to give a talk titled "Verifying Train Control Software". Temesghen gave the talk "Property Verification of an Electronic Payment System: EP2" whilst Liam gave a talk titled "Structured Theorem Proving For CSP-CASL". Below are a few photos from the social side of the event.

05.04.2009 - 20.04.2009

Markus visits Yoshinao Isobe at the AIST, Tsukuba, Japan, in order to work on the CSP-Prover. Below some pictures.


The group goes for a small hiking trip up Clyne Valley in Swansea. The walk proved to be a little bit muddy! The pictures show the story...


Group meeting where the group discusses the previous meeting's targets, progress and new targets for the coming week.


Markus and Phil visit Invensys Rail in Chippenham to agree on the main objectives of the project into verification of Train Control Systems. Below are some photos from the trip.


The group celebrates Christmas at the traditional "Musical Christmas Concert" at Swansea Museum where Markus plays the Oboe and Piano. Below are some photos from the celebration.


Liam, Markus and Andy meet to discuss some implementation issues of Hets.

21.11.2008 - 22.11.2008

Our group organises the 3rd International Workshop on Process and Data at Gregynog. Sadly this year Markus could not make it as he was struck down with illness. This however, did not stop us from having another successful conference that was both educational and very fun. Hopefully Markus will give his presentation as part of a future group meeting. Below are some photos of the event where the following presentations were made:

Speaker: Richard Davies

Title: "Modelling, Verification and Implementation of Concurrent Systems"

Speaker: Phillip James

Title: "Railway Signalling - Past and Present"

Speaker: Temesghen Kahsai & Liam O'Reilly

Title: "An Introduction to CSP-CASL"

Speaker: Temesghen Kahsai

Title: "A First Glimpse of Test Case Generation from CSP-CASL"

Speaker: Liam O'Reilly

Title: "Event Structure Semantics for CSP"

Speaker: Markus Roggenbach

Title: "Metric Spaces, Banach's Fixed Point Theorem, and Processes"


Markus and Phil visit Invensys Rail in Chippenham to discuss details of their project together

01.11.2008 - 17.11.2008

Markus visits Cape Town, South Africa, where he gives the presentation "Specification-based Testing for Product lines" at the international conference SEFM 2008. He also gave a course on algebraic specification at the University of Cape Town. Below are some photos from the visit.


Group Meeting: Markus gives the talk "An Introduction to Event Structures". We also discuss the plans for our "Processes and Data" conference at Gregynog.


Group Meeting: Markus gives the second part of his presentation "Extensions within CASL" - part 2 of 2.


Group Meeting: Markus gives the presentation "Extensions within CASL" - part 1 of 2.

30.09.2008 - 01.10.2008

Gift, Liam and Markus attend the Eight International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems - AVoCS'08 at the University of Glasgow. Liam gives the presentation "CSP-CASL-Prover – A generic tool for process and data refinement" and Gift gives the presentation "Variations over the Stable Revivals Model in CSP-Prover". Markus agrees to host AVoCS 2009 at Swansea University. After the conference Gift and Liam visited the local museum and were surprised to find an EP2 like system on display. Below are some photos from the event.

22.09.2008 - 26.09.2008

Liam attends the international summer school GLOBAN 2008 held in the University of Warsaw, Poland. Below are some photos taken during the school and around Warsaw.


Liam attends the VSR-net Workshop at the BCS offices in London. Below are some photos from the trip where Liam meet up with a friend from the summer school Marktoberdorf 2008.


Markus visits Rolls-Royce in Derby for the final presentation of Temesghen's internship.

05.08.2008 - 17.08.2008

Liam attends the international summer school Marktoberdorf 2008. There he attended lectures (courses) from various well known computer scientists and researchers such as: Jean-Raymond Abrial, Manfred Broy, Tony Hoare and John Reynolds (to name but a few). Whilst learning was a main goal there so was socialising. One of the Marktoberdorf Golden Rules was not to talk to people from your own country - this was not too hard coming from Wales. There were two major excursions during the summer school. the first, was to Mount Fellhorn where we hiked up part of the mountain - we took a cable car to start :-). The second was to Neuschwanstein castle, where we had a guided tour but could not take any photos inside the castle. A Jazz concert was also held just for the summer school where Quadro Nuevo performed amazing music. The whole summer school was excellent adventure.