Diary Year 5: 01.01.2011 - 31.12.2011

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The group celebrates Christmas at the traditional "Musical Christmas Concert" at Swansea Museum where Markus plays the Oboe and Piano. Many Christmas carols were sung by all, and a few drinks enjoyed afterwards. 

04.12.2011 - 05.12.2011

Markus, Phil and Nga visit London to meet colleagues from Newcastle University and Invensys Rail to discuss progress on the SafeCap project.

20.11.2011 - 23.11.2011

The group holds the 6th International Workshop on Processes and Data at Gregynog. This year, the conference was an open event with many members of the Computer Science department attending. This newly structured event prove to be very successful and fun. Every attendee made a presentation around various aspects of Propositional and First Order Logic. After the Conference, the group attended the annual Undergraduate Gregynog Trip.


Phil gives an exercise session based on "Creating Control Tables" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Andy Lawrence presents the talk "Hot Axel Box Detectors and Single Line Control" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Nga presents the talk "Automatic Train Control" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Various people, including Markus, Nga and Phil, visit Invensys Rail to give demonstrations of tools created for Interlocking verification.


Phil presents the talk "Train Describers, Remote Control Systems and Level Crossings" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Invensys Rail visit Swansea to discuss the beginning of a technology transfer process from Swansea to Invensys. The possibility of creating a certified tool is discuss

12.09.2011 - 14.09.2011

Markus and Phil attend AVoCS 2011 in Newcastle. Markus presents his work with Mark on "A Timed CSP Simulator". Some photos from the workshop are given below.


Phil presents the talk "Interlockings and Solid State Interlockings" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Andy Lawrence presents the talk "Relays and Train Detection" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Helen Treharne visits the group to discuss some ongoing work with Nga and Markus on CSP||B. Some photos from the visit are given below.


Nga presents the talk "Points and Lineside Signals" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


Andy Lawrence presents the first talk "Introduction to Railway Signalling" of a seminar series on Railway Signalling.

02.08.2011 - 14.08.2011

Phil attends the Marktoberdorf 2011 Summer School on Tools for Analysis and Verification of Software and Security. This year the school is held in the small town of Bayrischzell, Germany. Some pictures from the school and the magnificent scenery around Bayrischzell are shown below.

14.07.2011 - 20.07.2011

The group attends the Vino 2011 Doctoral Symposium in Italy. The event is a great success with research groups from Nancy, France and Berlin, Germany also attending. Talks were given by all group members on their research topics, and also on various topics of Reactive Systems. Some pictures from the event can be found below.


The third year project demonstration fair takes place. Liam and Phil present a fun talk "Exploring Computer Science" to some visiting school students, and multiple local industries come to view work from Swansea's current 3rd year students. Some pictures from the event are given below.

05.05.2011 - 06.05.2011

The group meets some potential candidates for the new R.A. position on the Safecap grant.


Markus attends the second year away day.


Tom presents a talk on the Byzantine Generals problem at a group meeting.

14.02.2011 - 15.02.2011

Markus and Phil attend the first official Safecap meeting, held in London. Also at the event were our partners from Newcastle and Invensys. Below are some pictures from the British Museum which was visited during the trip.


Phil gives a talk on Relation Lifting and Bisimulation as part of the Co-algebra seminar series.


Markus organises a group film evening. The film chosen was Casablanca and some cocktails were provided by Temesghen, Phil and Tom. 

31.01.2011 - 05.02.2011

Temesghen Kahsai visits the group. During the visit, Temesghen graduates from his PhD studies in the Winter Degree Ceremony.


Several group members participate in the departmental research away day. Here are some pictures from the Theory Group meeting.