Diary Year 6: 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2012

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Tom Maibaum visits Swansea and presents a talk "Intermodeling, queries, and Kleisli categories" in the Algebraic Specification Seminar.

26.11.2012 - 01.12.2012

Alexander Knapp visits Swansea to discuss on-going work with Markus. We also enjoy a long and pleasant walk along the beach, with a break at Verdi's, to Langland Brasserie.


Tom succesfully defend his MRes Viva! Afterwards the group has a small celebration with some drinks and cake. Congratulations Tom.


Markus hosts one of his famous international dinner events, this time, to celebrate on going work with Helen Treharne and Liam returning for a visit. There were six courses in total! varying from "Goats cheese with Beetroot and Lavendar Jelly" to "Kaiserschmarrn".


Helen gives a talk "The Behavioural Semantics of Event-B Refinement" in the joint Algebraic Spec and PCV seminar about recent development of Event-B||CSP.

12.11.2012 - 14.11.2012

We are proud to have Helen giving a series of 3 tutorials on "Introduction to B" in the department. The series has given us a valuable chance to learn and to gain a deeply understanding about modelling, specification structuring in B as well as proof obligations needed to be discharged in a B machine.

31.07.2012 - 12.08.2012

Nga participates in the Marktoberdorf summer school "Engineering Dependable Software Systems" in Marktoberdorf, Germany.


Liam submits the final version of his thesis "Structured Specification with Processes and Data: Theory, Tools and Applications". A celebration is held at the office!


Markus and Nga attend the Advisory Board meeting in London.

19.06.2012 - 21.06.2012

Nga attends iFM 2012 in Pisa, Italia, and presents the paper: "Safety and Line capacity in railway: An approach in Timed CSP"

18.06.2012 - 19.06.2012

Markus, Phil and Nga join the Safecap meeting in London, with our SafeCap partners from Newcastle University and Invensys.

07.06.2012 - 10.06.2012

Markus and Phil attend and present at WADT 2012. The work presented is based on formalising UML and translating it to CASL. The conference was held in the rather magnificant city of Salamanca, Spain. Some pictures from the event are given below.

02.04.2012 - 05.04.2012

Phil and others from the theory group attend BCTCS 2012 in Manchester. The event is co-located with ARW 2012. Phil gives a talk based on Domain Specific Languages and how they can help verification.


Markus and Nga attend the Advisory Board meeting for SafeCap in London.


Nga and Karim Kanso present talks on "AWS and ATP" at the seminar series on Railway Signalling.


The group go out for a fun Jazz night at a local bar. Along with the great Jazz music was even better Mojito's to be drunk. Everyone had a great night.


The Theory Group at Swansea hold a "Theory@Home" day to discuss organisational topics including a discussion on main research areas within the group. Markus and Phil attend.


The new year begins with Liam submitting his P.h.D Thesis on "Structured Specification with Processes and Data: Theory, Tools and Applications" to the examiners.