For the past eighteen years I have been researching how people might use their mobile devices to connect to information, services and other people. 


Seven years ago I co-wrote Mobile Interaction Design and have written a number of other articles that address these issues too: Google seems to find most of them; the ACM Digital Library has others; and, I maintain this list, too.


My work has been funded by Research Councils (like EPSRC) and a number of fantastic industry partners.  I work at the FIT Lab in the Department of Computer Science, Swansea University. I enjoy serving on various advisory boards including the RCUKs Digital Economy PAB; and, EPSRCs ICT SAT. I was recently involved in the review of UK HCI.


You can “always” drop me a line by using your wit to add that username to acm dot org.










Š      I spoke at my great friend Gary Marsden’s Memorial Service in early Feb; and deeply miss him.


Š      I was delighted to receive a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award (Jan 2014). I will use this as a platform to think HCI for resource constrained communities.


Š      I am co-Chairing CHI 2014 in Toronto – register NOW!


Š      Am enjoying teaching mobile interaction design in Swansea. Follow the course twitter stream!


Š      Will be visiting Mumbai in March giving talks and carrying out fieldwork.







Š      Toolkit for storytelling

Š      Barcode navigation tool (tailored for Swansea University in this case)


Š      A paper on performative interaction


Š      Two new papers at CHI on appropriating barcodes (yes, a very old tech indeed); and, navigation for spoken content using a smartphone’s camera.


Š      ACQR: Acoustic Quick Response Codes for Content Sharing on Low End Phones with No Internet Connectivity. Forthcoming, Mobile HCI 2013, Munich. Jennifer Pearson, Simon Robinson, Matt Jones, Swansea University,UK Amit Nanavati & Nitendra Rajput, IBM Research, India

        [Honourable Mention]





Google seems to find most of them; the ACM Digital Library has others; and, I maintain this list, too.






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