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Neil Sculthorpe

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Contact Details

Email: N•A•Sculthorpe@swansea•ac•uk
Phone: +44 (0)1792 60 6515
Office: Room 403
Address: Computer Science Department,
Faraday Tower,
Swansea University,
Singleton Park,
West Glamorgan,
SA2 8PP,
United Kingdom


I am a post-doctoral Research Assistant in the Theory Group at the Swansea University Department of Computer Science. I moved here from the University of Kansas Information and Telecommunication Technology Center, where I was a member of the Functional Programming Group. Prior to that I was a PhD student in the Functional Programming Laboratory at the University of Nottingham School of Computer Science.

Publications and Talks

My publications, along with any accompanying code or proofs, are all available here. The slides and accompanying code for any talks, presentations or guest lectures I have given are also available.


My research field is Programming Languages.

Research Interests

Functional Programming, Operational Semantics, Denotational Semantics, Type Systems, Equational Reasoning, Program Transformation, Functional Reactive Programming, Domain-Specific Languages, Continuations.

Current Research

I am currently a researcher on the PLanCompS project, developing a component-based semantic framework based on Modular Structural Operational Semantics. As case studies, I have worked on specifying the formal semantics of:

Previous Research

My previous research has included:

Professional Activities

I have been a program committee member for the following symposia:

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