System Specification: Table of Contents

This is the table of contents of the System Specification module, and contains links to the course notes in HTML and PDF form. Many thanks to Monika Seisenberger for pointing out errors and useful suggestions.

The first (non-technical) section is here (PDF). It outlines the aims of the course.

  1. Some Motivation (PDF)
  2. Revision of Algebraic Concepts (PDF)
  3. Term Rewriting (PDF)
  4. Basic Maude (PDF)
  5. Software Examples (PDF)
  6. Hardware Examples (PDF)
  7. Sub Sorts and Membership Axioms (PDF)
  8. Example: Binary Numbers (PDF)
  9. Specifying Microprocessors (PDF)
  10. Microprocessor Example (PDF)
  11. The PDP-8 Example (PDF)
  12. Gordon's Computer: Specification (PDF)
  13. Implementations and Correctness (PDF)
  14. Now for Something Completely Different (PDF)
  15. The Diary Example (PDF)