Knowledge - assisted Visualization


Most of the existing visualization techniques and systems were not designed to utilize the knowledge and information derived from the process of scientific visualization or from abstract data analysis. As visual exploration is an inherently iterative process, it is highly desirable to enable more effective visualization by utilizing information about the visualization process itself (e.g., users' chosen visualization parameters and abstractions), and information about the scientific data to be visualized (e.g., high level abstract characterization, and findings). The combination of such information from different visualization processes can also infer new knowledge that can aid data visualization in an intelligent manner if it is stored and organized in a structured fashion.

We begin to see growing efforts to collect and use such information and knowledge, especially when the cost of visualization is high or when the visualization work is collaborative in nature. In addition, information visualization techniques are increasingly used in the context of scientific visualization due to the diverse types of information that need to be looked at for more comprehensive data analysis.

This workshop aims at stimulating the research efforts for knowledge- and information - enabled data visualization by providing a forum for shaping this important and exciting research area. We solicit submissions on work in progress as well as mature results. In particular, the utilization of information and knowledge in producing visually effective data visualization and facilitating efficient visualization processes is the main focus of this workshop.

Topics include but are not limited to:

The workshop is a full-day event held in conjunction with the IEEE Visualization 2007 Conference. Interested participants are asked to submit short papers (limited to 2 pages), which will be reviewed by an international program committee (IPC). The selected contributions will be presented at the workshop in a very interactive fashion with an extended Q & A session led by experienced researchers from a steering committee of the workshop. A number of participants will be invited to make a full submission for a publication in a special issue of a journal or a book after the workshop. The selection for full submission will be based on the quality of both the extended abstract and the oral presentation in the workshop.