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Monday 6 April

AlgoUK Session on Railway Verification

Zoom Meeting ID: 151-733-660 (Stream A)

14:00 Simon Chadwick (Siemens Rail UK) - (slides)
Formal Verification - The Journey from Theory towards Practice
14:40 Anne Haxthausen (Copenhagen)
The RobustRailS Verification Method for Railway Interlocking Systems
15:20 Break
15:40 Jan Peleska (Bremen) - (slides)
Advances in Railway Control Systems Architectures and Related Challenges for Verification and Validation
16:20 Bas Luttik (Eindhoven) - (slides)
Supporting Railway Infrastructure Managers with Formal Models and Analyses
17:00 Aled Walters (Swansea) - (slides)
Model-Based Testing of ETCS RBCs
17:25 Close

Tuesday 7 April

AlgoUK session on Algorithmics

Zoom Meeting ID: 778-265-535 (Stream A)

09:30 Kristina Vuskovic (Leeds) - (slides)
The induced disjoint paths problem on (theta, wheel)-free graphs
10:10 Patrick Totzke (Liverpool) - (slides)
Playing with counters: how to solve games on infinite arenas
10:50 Break
11:20 Edith Elkind (Oxford) - (slides)
Hedonic diversity games
12:00 MS Ramanujan (Warwick)
Lossy kernelization
12:40 Break

Contributed Talks 1A: Stable Matching

Zoom Meeting ID: 778-265-535 (Stream A)

13:10 Frances Cooper (Glasgow) - (slides)
Algorithms for new types of fair stable matchings
13:35 Michael McKay (Glasgow)
Stable Roommates with triple rooms under B- and W-preferences
14:00 William Pettersson (Glasgow)
Preprocessing theory and practice in stable matching problems
14:25 Edwin Lock (Oxford) - (slides)
Translating into and from the Product-Mix Auction bidding language
14:50 Break

Contributed Talks 1B: Logic & Semantics

Zoom Meeting ID: 158-206-120 (Stream B)

13:10 Peter D. Mosses (Swansea) - (slides)
Towards semantics online
13:35 Andrej Ivaskovic (Cambridge) - (slides)
Graded monads in program analysis
14:00 Adam Ó Conghaile (Cambridge) - (slides)
Game comonads and generalised quantifiers
14:25 Dan Ward-Williams (Swansea)
Exploring search characteristics of numeral system encodings
14:50 Break

LMS Keynote Speaker in Discrete Mathematics

Zoom Meeting ID: 778-265-535 (Stream A)

15:15 Robert Constable (Cornell) - (slides)
Implementing Elements of Intuitionistic Mathematics in Nuprl

BCTCS Ordinary General Meeting

Zoom Meeting ID: 778-265-535 (Stream A)

16:15 BCTCS Ordinary General Meeting (<20 minutes)

Wednesday 8 April

Contributed Talks 2A: Complexity

Zoom Meeting ID: 120-205-055 (Stream A)

09:20 Pavel Vesely (Warwick) - (slides)
Tight Lower Bound for Comparison-Based Quantile Summaries
09:45 Noleen Köhler (Leeds)
Property Testing of NP-hard Problems
10:10 Oliver Kullmann (Swansea)
Classifying all minimally unsatisfiable 2-CNFs up to isomorphism

Contributed Talks 2B: Type Theory & Interactive Theorem Proving

Zoom Meeting ID: 841-764-756 (Stream B)

09:20 Olga Petrovska (Swansea) - (slides)
Intuitionistic Fixed Point Logic and Program Extraction
09:45 Ahmed Bhayat (Manchester)
Recent Developments in Higher-Order Theorem Proving
10:10 Anton Setzer (Swansea) - (slides)
Did Erik Palmgren Solve a Revised Hilbert's Program?
10:35 Tom de Jong (Birmingham) - (slides)
Constructive domain theory in Univalent Foundations
11:00 Break

Invited Speaker

Zoom Meeting ID: 120-205-055 (Stream A)

11:30 David Manlove (Glasgow) - (slides)
Assigning junior doctors to hospitals - what makes it so hard?
12:30 Break

Contributed Talks 3A: Combinatorics and Tools

Zoom Meeting ID: 120-205-055 (Stream A)

13:00 Duncan Adamson (Liverpool) - (slides)
Multidimensional Necklaces: Enumeration, Generation, Ranking and Unranking
13:25 Diptapriyo Majumdar (RHUL) - (slides)
Parameterized Pre-coloring Extension and List Coloring Problems
13:50 Tobias Rosenberger (Swansea)
Unbabel your tools: Leveraging SPASS for UML
14:15 Arved Friedemann (Swansea) - (slides)
Functional Solving Engines

Contributed Talks 3B: Games, Models and Machine Learning

Zoom Meeting ID: 841-764-756 (Stream B)

13:00 Arno Pauly (Swansea)
From finite memory determinacy to Nash equilibria
13:25 Tonicha Crook (Swansea) - (slides)
The degree of non-computability of Nash equilibria in multiplayer games
13:50 Alex V Berka (Isynchronise) - (slides)
The alpha-ram family - bit level models for parallelism and concurrency
14:15 Matthew England (Coventry) - (slides)
Machine Learning to Steer Symbolic Computation from its Worst Case Complexity
14:45 Closing Remarks

Zoom Meeting ID: 120-205-055 (Stream A)


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