Summer science exhibition 2005 charter mark

will using board

Weapons of maths construction

Will Thimbleby& Harold Thimbleby

Imagine writing a calculation down on paper and the paper magically working out the answers. We have built a calculator that works like this, which is ideal for pen based computers and interactive whiteboards in classrooms. It recognises your handwriting, and you write naturally, using ordinary mathematics notation you are already familiar with.

The image to the right shows Will, using this calculator, using his fingers directly to write onto a large whiteboard. (For the interactive whiteboard shown, the computer uses cameras to recognise how he is moving his finger, and uses a projector to show what he is drawing.) In the picture, Will is in the process of writing ‘2’ into a simple addition sum, which the calculator will recognise as soon as he has finished, and then it will complete the calculation.

The calculator can also do complex sums like e, solve for single unknowns and sensibly correct your mathematics, whilst really letting you play with the mathematics and understand what is happening.

FIT Lab, Swansea University