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U. Berger, M.Seisenberger
Dept. of Computer Science
College of Science
Swansea University
Singleton Park
Swansea SA28PP, UK

t: (+44) (0)1792 513380 or 602131
f: (+44) (0)1792 295708

Continuity, Computability, Constructivity – From Logic to Algorithms (CCC 2013)

Swansea University/Gregynog, 26-30, June 2013

CCC is a conference series bringing together researchers from real analysis, computability theory, and constructive mathematics. The overall aim is to apply logical methods in these disciplines to provide a sound foundation for obtaining exact and provably correct algorithms for computations with real numbers and related analytical data, which are of increasing importance in safety critical applications and scientific computation.

Previous conferences have been held in Cologne CCC 2009 and Trier CCC 2012. One outcome of the 2009 conference series is the creation of the EU funded research project COMPUTAL (Computable analysis - theoretical and applied aspects) which is a research network between Europe, Russia, South-Africa,and Japan. This conference will at the same time be the second COMPUTAL conference, but is open to all researchers in the area.