Computability in Europe 2008
Logic and Theory of Algorithms

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Pre- and Post-conference Publications

Pre-conference publications.

Invited papers of plenary and special session speakers, together with the best contributed papers will appear in our LNCS pre-proceedings volume. Other accepted contributed papers together with abstracts of informal presentations will appear in our local pre-proceedings volume.

Post-conference publications.

There will be several post-conference publications in which we publish full versions of selected papers presented at the conference. The editors of the post-conference publications will invite authors of papers presented at the conference to submit a full version to one of these publications. They will be peer-reviewed according to the usual standards of journals.

The CiE post-conference publications follow a policy to avoid double publication. Papers submitted to the post-conference publications may not be identical to any paper published in a preproceedings volume and will be refereed by one or more referees up to journal standards.

In particular, in order to get accepted, a paper must contain unpublished research content: if the post-conference publication builds on a pre-publication published in the LNCS volume, it has to go significantly beyond that pre-conference publication in the LNCS volume. In such a case referees will be provided with the LNCS version of the paper, and will be asked to discuss the differences between this paper and the submitted paper in your report. If the paper fails to go beyond the published preproceedings paper, it cannot be accepted for the journal publication ('going beyond' can mean for instance that the LNCS paper does not contain proofs, but the journal version does).

The journal publications will follow a tight schedule in order to enable timely publication.

End of August 2008 Invitation of potential authors
End of October 2008 Deadline for submission of papers (in PDF format)

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