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Sharing stories across the digital divide...

So, picture this: an elderly Indian lady sitting on the steps of her house. She's throwing scraps to a group of scavenging, chattering of chickens. And, listen carefully, very carefully: There's the bustle of village life, the shouts of children, an occasional motor and, ever so gently, occasionally, a soft word. She's talking to the birds. Is she in urgent need of computing resources? How might technology enhance her life? How would your design approaches and solutions fit this context?

The power of such vignettes to engage, stimulate, and challenge is the motivation behind our project, the StoryBank. The aim is to produce a repository of content—mainly audio-visual—that captures the essence of local community life, gives insights into their needs and relates their prior experiences of technology. While the idea of an archive, a digital museum of digitally impoverished communities might be appealing to historians, the StoryBank is not focused on the past, but will be an engine of change to shape the future, facilitating constructive conversations.