Lectures Notes Anton Setzer (pre 2016/17)

CS_275: Automata Theory and Formal Languages (2016/17)
CSC313/CS_313: High Integrity Systems (2016/17)
CSCM13/CS_M13: Critical Systems (2016/17)
CSCM10: Computer Science Project Research Methods (Contributed Lectures, 2016/17)
CS_M00: Research Methodology (Coordination)
CS_113: From Languages to Hardware
CS_199: Computers Unplugged (Chapter on Languages)
CS_226: Computability Theory
CS_236: Language and Compuation
CS_336: Interactive Theorem Proving
CS_M33: Computer Systems: Processors, Memory, Data
CS_M36: Functional Programming and Interactive Theorem Proving (Part II)
CS_M46: Interactive Theorem Proving