Invited Speakers at BCTCS

Chronological Order

BCTCS22 - University of Swansea, 2006

Hajo Broersma TBA
Tony Hoare TBA
Peter Mosses TBA
Moshe Vardi TBA

BCTCS21 - University of Nottingham, 2005

Roland Backhouse Games for Algorithmic Problem Solving (Tutorial)
Alan Gibbons The Soft Machines: Computing with the Code of Life
Andrew Gordon Samoa: Formal Tools for Securing Web Services
Ralf Hinze Number Systems and Data Structures
Conor McBride Dependently Typed Programming: An Epigram Induction (Tutorial)
Rajeev Raman Succinctness

BCTCS20 - Pitlochery (Stirling University), 2004

Luca Cardelli Membrane Interactions
Sharon Curtis Functional Fractal Image Compression
Jose Fiadeiro Software Architectures in 3D
Rob Irving Fifty Years of Stable Marriage
Rachel Normal Modelling of Biological Systems (Tutorial)
Rick Thomas Formal Languages and Word Problems of Groups (Tutorial)
Ken Turner Test Generation for Radiotherapy Accelerators

BCTCS19 - University of Leicester, 2003

Achim Jung Probabilities in Semantics - Some Progress, Some Open Problems
Bill Lawvere The Boolean Algebra Classifying Topos and the Complexity of Finite Automata
Kurt Mehlhorn Certifying Algorithms
S Muthu Muthukrishnan Data Stream Algorithmics
Jean-Eric Pin Logic and Automata

BCTCS18 - HP Labs Bristol, 2002

Neil Davies Engineering with Randomness
Anuj Dawar Complexity as Expressive Power
Demetres Kouvatsos An Extended Analytic Methodology for Arbitrary Queueing Networks
Brian McBride A Tail of a Dog
Robin Milner Biographical Reactive Systems
Paul Spirakis Algorithmic Aspects of Game Theory
John Tucker Computable and Hierarchical Models of Physical Systems

BCTCS17 - Glasgow University, 2001

Muffy Calder A Day in the Life of a Spin Doctor
Ursula Martin Computational Math: The New Challenge for Computational Logic
Faron Moller Techniques for Decidability and Undecidability for Bisimilarity (Tutorial)
Joachim Parrow An Introduction to the pi-Calculus (Tutorial)
Mike Paterson Getting Your Message Across, But Nicely: An Introduction to Contention Resolution
Simon Peyton-Jones Asynchronous Exceptions in Concurrent Haskell
Alexander Rabinovich Temporal Logic over Branching Time: Expressiveness and Complexity

BCTCS16 - Liverpool University, 2000

Paul Dunne Computational Problems (Some Directions but No Solutions)
Grzegorz Rozenberg DNA Computing In Vivo - Gene Assembly in Ciliates
Leslie Valiant Robust Logic
Kurt Weihrauch Computable Analysis
Mike Wooldridge The Verification Problem for Agent Communication Languages
Xin Yao Some Theoretical Issues in Evolutionary Computation

BCTCS15 - Keele University, 1999

Wan Fokkink Within ARMs Reach: Compilation of Rewrite Systems
Martin Hofmann Linear Types and Non-Size Increasing Polynomial Time Computation
Bill McColl BSP Computing
Ian Pratt Qualitative Spatial Reasoning and the Semantic Knife-edge
David Pym Reasource Semantics, Bunched Logic and a Relevant Logical Framework
Glynn Winskel Linearity in Distributed Computation
Mike Worboys Computing with Geospatial Data: Challenges to Theory

BCTCS14 - University of St Andrews, 1998

Rod Burstall Teaching Logic to Programmers
John Davenport Is Computer Algebra the Same as Computer Symbolic Mathematics?
Abbas Edalat Exact Real Number Computation Using Linear Fractional Transformations
Ian Gent Two Become One: Theory and Experiment
Leslie Goldberg Contention Resolution in Mulitple-Access Channels
Angus MacIntyre Connections between model theory and volume estimates
Luke Ong Game Semantics
Rick Thomas Syntactic Monoids - A Survey

BCTCS13 - University of Sheffield, 1997

Martyn Amos The Complexity and Viability of DNA Computation (tutorial)
Trevor Bench-Capon Machines Can't Think
Paul Dunne An Overview of Lower Bound Techniques in Monotone Boolean Function Complexity
Javier Esparza Model-Checking Pushdown Automata
Matthew Fairtlough Abstraction, Constraints and the Lambda Calculus (Tutorial)
Mike Gordon Event and Cycle Semantics of Hardware Description Languages
Edmund Robertson Combinatorial and Decidability Questions in Semigroups of Words
Edmund Robinson Logic and Logical Relations
Chris Tofts Ants, Shrimps, and Other Asynchronous Hardware

BCTCS12 - University of Kent at Canterbury, 1996

Peter Aczel Formalising Abstract Algebra in Constructive Type Theory
Graham Birtwistle Specifying and Verifying AMULET in CCS
Ed Brinksma Formal Models for Testing: An Interaction between Theory and Practice
Keith Hanna Reasoning about Digital Systems
Ursula Martin The Princess and the Plumber: The Role of Mathematics in Computer Science
Michiel Smid Spanners: Approximating the Complete Euclidean Graph
Jacobo Toran On the Complexity of the Graph Isomorphism Problem
David Turner Total Functional Programming

BCTCS11 - University of Swansea, 1995

Jaco de Bakker Metric Semantics
Jan Heering Algebraic Specifications and Proofs by Induction
Matthew Hennessy Higher-Order Processes and Their Models
Roger Hindley Counting the Inhabitants of a Type
Faron Moller The Computational Complexity of Bisimilarity
Iain Stewart Descriptive Complexity Theory (Tutorial)
David Rydeheard Category Theory and Game Semantics
John Tucker Synchronous Concurrent Algorithms

BCTCS10 - University of Bristol, 1994

Richard Bird Relational Program Derivation
David Bree The Semantics of Natural Language Temporal Prepositions and Conjunctions
Robert Cori Building Automata with Time Stamps
Paul Dunne Introduction to Boolean Function Complexity (Tutorial)
Mike Holcombe X-Machines - What Are They? (Tutorial)
Mark Jerrum The Computational Complexity of Counting
Paul Spirakis Paradigms for Fast Parallel Approximations to Problems that are Hard to Parallelise

BCTCS9 - University of York, 1993

Malcolm Atkinson The Capability of Priority Queues as Data Transformers
John Lloyd Declarative Logic Programming
Gordon Plotkin A Logic for Parametric Polymorphism
Jean-Marc Steyaert On the Average Complexity of Rewriting Systems
Bob Tennant Correctness of Data Representations in Algol-Like Languages

BCTCS8 - University of Newcastle, 1992

Jose Luis Balcazar The Structural Approach to Complexity Theory
Alan Gibbons Implementing P-RAM Algorithms on Distributed Memory Models of Parallel Computation
Yuri Gurevich Evolving Algebras
Wilfred Hodges The Logical Background to Specification
Tom Maibaum Design Structures: Configuring Specifications
John Savage VLSI Analysis, Synthesis and Theory
Colin Stirling Verification via Model Checking

BCTCS7 - University of Liverpool, 1991

Henk Barendregt Feasible Full Formalisation
Alan Bundy Automatic Generation of Program Synthesis Proofs
Martin Dyer Volume and Related Computational Problems
John Hughes Naturality, Polymorphism and Compile-Time Analysis
Cliff Jones Interference Resumed
Colm O'Dunlaing Computational Problems in Geometry
Carl Sturtivant Some Issues in Algebraic Complexity
Brigitte Vallee Algorithms for Integer Factorization

BCTCS6 - University of Manchester, 1990

Howard Barringer The Future of Imperative Logic
Philippe Flajolet Some Recent Trends in the Average-Case Analysis of Algorithms
Shafi Goldwasser Zero Knowledge Interactive Proofs
Martin Hyland Synthetic Domain Theory - The Story So Far
Chris Lengauer Systolic Design and Systolising Compilation
Ursula Martin What Can You Do with an Equational Reasoning Theorem Prover?
Lincoln Wallen From Proof Theory to Proof Search: Some Remarks on the Design of Proof Procedures

BCTCS5 - Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, 1989

Alberto Apostolico Parallel Algorithms on Words
Roland Backhouse Making Formalism Work for Us
Richard Cole A Promising Approach to Complexity Measures for Computation over Splay Trees
John Dixon Computations in Galois Theory
Joseph Goguen Object Oriented Programming as a Natural Extension of Functional Programming
Roger Hindley The Coppo-Denzani Type System
John Lloyd Current Theoretical Issues in Logic Programming
Mike Smyth The Thesis that Computable Functions are Uniformly Continuous

BCTCS4 - University of Edinburgh, 1988

Samson Abramsky A Cooks Tour of the Finitary Non-Well-Founded Sets
Furio Honsell The Edinburgh LF - A Framework for Describing Logical Systems
Robin Milner What Use are Process Algebras?
Leslie Valiant Computationally Feasible Learning
Chee Yap Grobner Bases: Complexity and Applications

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