Group Members

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Current Group Members

  • Phillip James (PhD student) - Formal Specification and Verification of Railway Signalling Systems, Domain Specific Verification.
  • Hoang Nga Nguyen (Research assistant) - Timed-CSP Semantics and Tool Support.
  • Markus Roggenbach (Senior Lecturer) - Specification languages and their semantics, Verification, Tools.

Former Group Members

  • Thomas Davies (MRes student) - CSP implementation techniques. MRes 2012.
  • Andrew Lawrence (PhD student, guest for one year) - Railway Verification.
  • Liam O'Reilly - Structured Specification with Processes and Data - Theory, Tools and Applications. PhD 2012.
  • Stephen Sze - Evaluation of a Domain Specific Language for Modelling and Verifying in the Railway Domain. BSc 2011.
  • Marc Dragon -  A Timed CSP Simulator for Railway Systems. BSc 2011.
  • Temesghen Kahsai - Specification-based Testing and Refinement Notions for CSP-CASL. PhD 2010.
  • Andy Gimblett - Tool Support for CSP-CASL. MPhil 2008.
  • Gift Samuel - Implementation of the Stable Revival Model in CSP-Prover.  MPhil 2008.

Phil, Liam, Mark, Markus, Stephen, Tom 

Phil, Liam, Markus, Temesghen Andy, Liam, Markus, Temesghen, Gift