Matt Jones

...I am exploring the human-computer interaction aspects of mobile and ubiquitous computing; and, thinking about approaches for socially-inclusive and impacting design. Based at the FIT Lab...

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Mobile Interaction Design Book [resources] [amazon];

Upcoming and recent events:

Tochi Special Issue on “Turn to the Wild”

Mobile HCI 2012 Workshop on Mobility

CHI 2012: Courses, Case Study, NUIs Workshop

Current and recent funded projects:

Bridging the Rural Divide - new forms of mapping. Taking on the Teenagers - Energy Awareness; Community Generated Media for the Next Billion -social media and emerging world contexts; Patina - Wearable Research Spaces; EPSRC PPE Award for British Science Festival; ISIS - Protecting Children Online; Mobile Negotiated Interaction; Questions not Answers - mobile search; Bridging the global digital divide;... [See also the EPSRC’s entry]

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