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Benjamin  Mora, PhD (Toulouse, France)
Associate professor in Computer Science, Swansea University

Research Areas: Computer Graphics ; Ray Tracing, Volume Graphics; Visualization of 3D data; Medical Imaging; HPC, Machine Learning. 

Head of third year, Computer Science, Swansea University.

Taught Modules in 2020:

3rd year Project: project page (TB1 & TB2)

CSCM98: Operating Systems and Architectures (TB1).


Other: See also for more information on previous research, and the DirectTrace project.

Office Hours: Monday 14.00-16.00

t: (+44) (0)1792 295575
f: (+44) (0)1792 295708
e: b.mora at
p: Dr. B. Mora, room 335, Computer Science, Computational Foundry, Swansea University Bay Campus, Fabian Way, Swansea, SA1 8EN



1.     Hassan Eshkiki, Benjamin Mora, Xianghua Xie. Fully Connected Networks on a diet with the Mediterranean Matrix Multiplication. 2020. Submitted.

2.     Omniah Nagoor, Joss Whittle, Jingjing Deng, Benjamin Mora and Mark Jones. MZ. Under revision. 2020 

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4.     Lily Major, Amanda Clare, Jacqueline Daykin, Benjamin Mora, Leonel Jose Peña Gamboa and Christine Zarges. Evaluation of a Permutation-Based Evolutionary Framework for Lyndon Factorizations. PPSN 2020: 16th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving From Nature, Leiden, The Netherlands, September 5-9, 2020, Proceedings. Springer Nature, 2020.

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  1. R. Kammaje and B. Mora, Accelerated 5D Ray Tree construction on the GPU. Eurographics 2011 conference.
  2. B. Mora. The Direct-Trace Library: Ray-Tracing for the Masses. High Performance Graphics 2011 conference.



  1. Benjamin Mora, DIRECT RAY TRACING OF 3D SCENES. (US8797324). Granted (August 2014)


Internal Reports


Past Taught Modules (Swansea, Purdue and Paul Sabatier Universities)


·         Since 2016: Head of Year 3

·         2015-2016: Head of Year 2

·         2012-2017: CS Course coordinator for the MSc in High-Performance and Scientific Computing.


·      CS-M07 Data Visualisation (10 credits). 2004-2006

·      CS-307 Computer Graphics 2 (10 credits).  2005-2010.

·      CS-317 Computer Graphics 3 (10 credits).  2006-2010.

·      CS-M27 Programming and Graphics APIs (20 credits).  2007-2008.

·      CS-228 Operating Systems (10 credits). 2006-2009.

·      CS-248 Concurrent Systems (20 credits). 2009-2010.

·      CS-358 and CS-M78 curriculum design. "C/C++ and High-Performance Computing". 2010-2011.

·      CS-M24 Software Team Project (10 credits). 2011-2012

·      CS-M70 Visual Computing Project Development. 2011-2012

·      CS-M94 Software Engineering Principles (10 credits) 2011-2012.

·      CSCM67 Graphics Processor Programming (15 credits).  2009-2020.

·      CSCM98 Operating Systems and Architectures (15 credits) From 2013.

·      CSP300, CSP302, CSP344. Third year projects dissertations. 2016-.

·      CSP301, CSP354. Third year projects management. 2016-


·      ECE 368 Data Structures in C/C++. Purdue University. Spring 2004.


·      Programming Lab classes (Turbo-Pascal, C/C++, Java, CAML). 1998-2003

·      Program proof tutorials. 2002-2003