Computability- and Category theoretic Perspectives on Descriptive Set Theory
July 16th - 18th 2018
Bay Campus, Swansea University, Swansea, UK

Computability theory and descriptive set theory (DST) are no strangers, but have a long and fruitful interaction in the form of descriptive set theory. Recent years have seen several results showing that computability theoretic arguments can be very useful even to obtain theorems in classical descriptive set theory. Studying computability theoretic properties of topological spaces in a broader sense thus seems to be a very promising approach.

In a related development there are signs that employing category-theoretic language can allow us to see DST in a new and uniform way. In particular, there connections between traditional DST concepts such as point classes, endofunctors in the category of represented spaces and models of hypercomputation. This touches upon notions from formal topology and topos theory.

The DST community itself has started to extend their work to generalized Baire space, and thus reinforced the connection to set theory. Studying the computability- and category theoretic aspects of this should on the one hand try these new perspectives, and on the other hand, might provide a guiding light in the proper generalization of the known theory.

The workshop:
The workshop will bring together a select number of experts in the various topics related to its theme. Our ambition is that a combination of advanced but expository talks and ample discussion in groups will help us to elucidate the directions this research area should take, prove some theorems, forge new collaborations and reinforce existing ones. Attendance is by invitation only, but feel free to contact Arno Pauly ( to ask for an invitation, if you have not received one.

Practical arrangements:
The workshop will take place in the Bay Campus of Swansea University from Monday, July 16th (starting in the morning) to Wednesday 18th (ending noon-early afternoon). Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided. A number of rooms are available (see here for details) for the nights Sunday - Wednesday, which come with breakfast. There are also a number of hotels closer to the town center, from where the Bay campus can easily be reched by bus. The dinner arrangements will be left to the participants (some restaurant recommendations will follow).

Please respond to the invitation to attend the workshop by filling out the registration form. A quick response will make the planning much easier. A tentative but quick answer is preferred to a later, definite one (please update once circumstances change!).

A prelimary schedule is found here.