U Berger (PhD Munich, Reader)

Dr. Ulrich Berger
Department of Computer Science
Swansea University
Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PP

Tel.: (+44) 1792 513380
Fax: +44 1792 295708
E-mail: u dot berger at swansea dot ac dot uk

Interests: Logic, proof theory and applications, domain theory, theorem provers, formal methods in computer science, in particular program synthesis, formal specification and verification.

A parser generater extracted from proofs contained in the draft paper Extracting Parsers from Interpreted Context-Free Grammars

I am a member of the British Logic Colloquium.

Regarding the question whether formal methods in computer science make sense, read E. W. Dijkstra's note EWD1054.

Recent papers and drafts (Haskell programs discussed in the draft paper From coinductive proofs to exact real arithmetic )
Some slides of recent talks
Research project Domain-theoretic methods for program synthesis funded by EPSRC.

Functional Programming 1
Logic for Computer Science
Modelling and Verification Techniques
Guidelines for the use of LaTeX for writing scientific documents
I am Head of Computer Science Postgraduate Research. Information about Postgraduate Research can be found here.

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