MRes in Logic and Computation 2008/2009

CS-M25 Research Methodology and Specification

Sajjad: Zeckendorf's Theorem [pdf]

Phil James: When is a number Fibonacci? [pdf]

Matthew Gwynne: The Cantor-Schroder-Bernstein Theorem [pdf]

CS-M05 Advanced Studies in Logic and Computation

Literature. Paul Halmos: Lectures on Boolean Algebras

Oliver Kullmann: Structures and Congruences (introductory talk 1) [pdf]

Oliver Kullmann: Ideal objects in set theory and topology (introductory talk 2) [pdf]

Sajjad: Boolean Algebras [pdf]

Phil James: Properties of Boolean Algebras [pdf]

Matthew Gwynne: Stone Duality and the Representation Theorem [pdf]